30 Minute Christmas Coasters by The Nosy Pepper

Hello JaimeSews readers!  I’m Cyndi and I blog over at The Nosy Pepper, I’m super excited to show you a super quick and easy scrap friendly project that is perfect for Christmas. When Jaime asked me to guest post a Christmas post, I was a bit nervous, as I’m mostly a bag sewer.   Since I realize that few people are going to want a Holiday themed bag, I decided to do something much quicker and easier. So, in comes the 30 minute Christmas Coasters! These are so simple to make and use such little fabric, you could make several sets in no time.I think I’m going to make several more to have on hand for all those last minute gifts you end up needing.

1/4 yard (or less) of felt
Fat quarter of quilting weight cotton (you can get more than 4 coasters out of 1 FQ, or you can use scraps to mix and match!)
Contrasting thread (I used a gold thread but any contrasting will do)
Pinking Shears
Embroidery scissors or other small scissors
Water soluble pen or Frixion Pen
Find a round object that is slightly larger than the finished size you like ( I had a bowl that was about 5 inches in diameter that was perfect). Trace 6 circles from the felt and 4 from the fabric.
There are two different types of coasters,the first kind, I just put the fabric against the felt (wrong sides facing) and stitched around the circumference of the circle using a 1/2″ seam. Then, simply stitch in a zig zag fashion to make the shape of a tree. Lastly, use your pinking shears to trim your seam allowance around the circle to 1/4″. Easy Peasy! For all you quilters out there, you could do any design, stockings, ornaments, santa hats etc.

For the second kind (and my favorite). You will need 2 pieces of felt and 1 piece of fabric. Put your fabric and felt together like before, with wrong sides facing. Next take a 2nd piece of felt an draw a design that will give you plenty of space to cut around (I chose a star, but you could make an ornament, or a stocking if you like). Place that piece of felt on top of the cotton (you should have one piece on top of the felt and one on the bottom). Stitch around the circle with a 1/2″ seam allowance and then stitch directly on stop of the design you just drew.

With a seam ripper carefully (very carefully…you only want to cut the felt on top and not into the fabric beneath it) make a rip in the felt then use your scissors to cut as close to the stitches as you can.

Then like before, take your pinking shears and trim the seam allowance to 1/4″. That’s it! You can mix and match both styles like I did, or just pick your favorite!

Thanks so much for having me Jaime! I had so much fun making these!