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Today’s The Day!! It’s my turn to share with you my version of the Omni Tempore pattern for both kids and adults! I’m Jaime, found on twitter, facebook and instagram as JaimeSews. I’ve been sewing since I was 15 years old, earned a bachelors degree in Home Economics, worked selling sewing machines, in a quilt shop and later in a bridal shop & now sew from my home. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!!
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
I’ve been busy making up some fall/winter staples for me and the kids with the Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes and I have TWO techniques to share with you!
  • How to adjust for using a not-so-stretchy knit with a pattern designed for knits and
  • How to create basic machine appliques to make your Omni Tempore your own!

BUT – You should know – there is a sale on The Omni Tempore pattern bundle all this week during the tour AND there’s a giveaway! (And if you so happen to purchase the pattern and then win it, you will be refunded so be sure to keep your receipt/email!)

Prize Pack #1

1.5 meters of fabric from Joy Fits Fabrics

Omni Tempore Pattern Bundle by Sofliantjes

Bustle Skirt Pattern by Koda Baby Boutique

1 Pattern of choice by Filles a Maman

1 Pattern of choice by Serger Pepper

1 Pattern of choice by E+M Patterns

1 Pattern of choice by Striped Swallow Designs

Omni Family Tour | JaimeSews

Prize Pack #2

1.5 merers of fabric from Joy Fits Fabrics

Omni Tempore Pattern Bundle by Sofilantjes

Grace Pattern by Rose & Lee Designs

1 Pattern of choice by Filles a Maman

1 Pattern of choice by Madeit Patterns

1 Pattern of choice by Dandelions n’ Dungarees

So be sure to read/scroll to the end of the post to enter!

Let’s get started!

All three of us got our fabric from F&M Fabrics locally, found online at They have the best prices hands down and a huge selection. As we walked down the aisle lined with the knits, the kids saw/felt/hugged/laid their heads down on this super fuzzy, exquisitely soft fleece.
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
If you’ve ever been shopping with your kids at the fabric store, you know it can be a challenge to focus. Well, we all fell in love with how unbelievably soft the fabric was that I completely disregarded that the pattern calls for knits.
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
Now Fleece is technically a knit, but 1) it’s bulky and 2) it’s not that stretchy. So I had to improvise. First (in order of discovery), I had to cut the collar lining from a much thinner knit in order to reduce bulk. I also ended up cutting about 1/2″ off the neckline all the way around to widen it enough for their little heads to fit through.
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
After I got the collar attached, I realized there would also need to be some more room in the body and sleeve to compensate for the lack of stretch. I took the same knit I lined the collar with and made a gusset all the way down from the wrist to the shirt hem. I really loved how this added a pop of color to each top!
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
This particular problem could also be solved by choosing a size or two up. The Omni Tempore pattern has unlimited options, including different sleeve lengths, sleeve/waistline ribbing or regular hem, kangaroo pocket, collar or hood! I let the kids each pick out their own style features and since they chose the collar I thought it’d be fun to choose the hood for myself.
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
What I love about the hood is that it also looks like the cowl neckline the kids have, so especially in the fabric I chose, it still looks dressy. But…it DOES have a hood!
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
This knit I found at F&M Fabrics is a super soft, sheer knit, great for fall & part of winter here in CA.
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
Regarding the Omni Tempore pattern, it was a super quick sew! Even with all the options, I found it easy to make three different variations without consulting the instructions much after making just one. The instructions were clear and the pattern pieces all fit together without a hitch. It was a thoroughly enjoyable sew!
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
So let’s get on to how to add the applique!
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
First you need to gather all your supplies:
  1. Scissors
  2. A pencil/pen
  3. Pellon 805 Wonder-Under
  4. Fabric to applique
  5. Your applique design. I just found the images I wanted to use on the interwebs and printed them out.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Trace the applique design onto the paper side of your Wonder-Under.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Rough cut around the applique design you just traced onto your Wonder-Under and place it on the wrong side of your applique fabric. Press a few seconds to tack in place.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Allow it all to cool completely. Cut out the traced design.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Peel off the backing of your applique, making sure the webbing is attached to your fabric.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Place on your shirt where you want it to be…
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Then fuse in place using a damp pressing cloth (or fat quarter sized muslin/cotton scrap) until the press cloth is dry. (See also the directions that come with your Wonder-Under). Stitch in place with a zig zag stitch.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
The Omni Tempore is a great pattern for the whole family that doesn’t have to look matchy-matchy, but could if that’s what you’re going for! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to enter to win one of the amazing prize packs!

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Handmade Easter

For those who celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! As a little girl I always got a new spring dress to wear on Easter Sunday and it’s a tradition I just can’t shake. The past few years, I haven’t been able to get a new outfit for Easter for whatever reason, but this year I was determined to not only make something for the kids, but to make something for me too. You’ve seen sneak peaks on instagram and facebook if you follow me there, but I wanted to do a round up here with all the details.

I posted a while back about pattern testing the Lorelei dress from E-Beth Designs. I had another dress/fabric picked out for her, but since so many people commented that this one would make a good Easter dress, I went with it!

Lorelei Dress | JaimeSews

The fabric was an Alexander Henry I got at JoAnn’s, along with the matching Kona Cotton solid. You can get the Lorelei pattern here.

Lorelei Dress | JaimeSews

For my son, I used the Classic Oxford Pattern from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop {affiliate}.

Classic Oxford | JaimeSews

Mr. T picked out the fabric and buttons at F&M Fabrics himself (now online as and we were pleasantly surprised that he almost matched his cousins exactly!

Classic Oxford | JaimeSews

Then…at the last minute, I was able to pull a dress together for myself! I got my fabric from F&M Fabrics in the same shopping trip as my son. I had taken another dress pattern to the store but when I saw this fabric, I really loved it and decided it didn’t fit the dress pattern that I originally had in mind.

Garden Party Dress | JaimeSews

I ended up using this free multi-sized pattern (did you hear that, FREE) by Honigdesign. It’s called the Garden Party Dress. You’ll want to click here to see the original versions. I altered the neckline and made it sleeveless, but the original pattern has some great features and it’s a dress you can make in different fabrics and sleeve lengths to wear year round! Believe me, you will want to have it in every color!

Garden Party Dress | JaimeSews

It was a wonderful day with an outside service at church, time with family and yummy food. I hope your day was just as great! I’d love to see your handmade Easter outfits too – feel free to leave me a comment to let me know what you made!

Happy Easter 2014 | JaimeSews

Fancy Maggie Mae

If you follow me on facebook, you saw a (blurry) pic late last week of my Fancy Maggie Mae in-progress.

FancyMaggieMaein-progressAs you know from my last post, I am in LOVE with Maggie Mae and as I considered all the possibilities, I envisioned this Audrey Hepburn style, fancy version in black satin & sheers. I knew I had to make one up before Halloween because it would make the most adorable little costume for any Audrey-aspiring little girl. However, when I got to this point in the construction, I knew it hadn’t quite achieved the look I had in my head. I’m no artist, but the lines of this dress are simple enough that I decided to put to paper what I had in mind.

sketchI really want the back sheer to be bound in satin as the neckline and armholes are, with a little elastic loop and satin button at the top. I think this will be enough room to get one’s head through so instead of coming up with some alternate closure for the lower bodice (satin portion), I want to try to cut it all one piece. Then, I felt like it needed a little more of the sequined sheer somewhere, but in my head it wouldn’t look right to put at the bottom as the Maggie Mae pattern has traditionally. So think I’ll try a thin strip of it, over the satin, as a kind of built in belt around the waist. I have already purchased an adorable flower to add to the waistline as well. Lastly, I am going to cut the skirt longer, but still gather it and attach it to the sequined band. Then…it just might be perfect.

So after taking it apart, I re-cut the satin back bodice piece to be the same as the front. I cut off some of the sheer in order to bind it and reattach and this is what I got:

FancyNewClosureThen I moved on to constructing the waistline band. It was pretty quick to cut and baste the two fabrics together. Here it is attached to the bodice:

FancyBodiceI cut the skirt longer and installed the pockets and then attached it to the dress. Now THIS is more like I envisioned it!




The bodice is lined in cotton for comfort and the satin binding  and chiffon are also nice against the skin. Any princess should feel comfy and glamorous in the Fancy Maggie Mae – and can’t you see it is any color satin to match any flower girl to any wedding party?!

The Fancy Maggie Mae is available for custom order in my Etsy Store!

If you like the Fancy Maggie Mae I’d appreciate help in spreading the word – please like on facebook or instagram, share on pinterest or twitter, or let any brides know of this adorable flower-girl option. Thanks in advance!


My five year old son is just precious. He is just old enough to realize what my sewing means to him and in his eyes, nothing is beyond my ability. Aside from his persistent, “are you done yet?” inquiries, he also frequently visits my sewing space to tell me what a great job I’m doing , how awesome it looks, or just to hang with me and see how it’s all done.

One day in my blog reading, I stumbled upon a Delia Creates post on some ninjago costumes she made (which he saw) and for the last few weeks he’s been begging me to make a green ninja costume for him. So earlier this week we went to the warehouse fabric store, grabbed some green and black knit and used a combination of patterns to make this:



  • 2 1/8 yd green knit (60″ wide)
  • 1/4 yd black knit (60″ wide)
  • 1/8-1/4 (or scrap) of a stiff silver fabric (vinyl or what I used was waterproof bag material) for “armor”
  • McCall’s 6184
  • McCall’s P344
  • 1/4″ Elastic
  • 3/4″ elastic


After taking my son’s measurements, I pulled out the pattern pieces for the karati gi (McCalls 6184) only to realize I had used the pattern previously for his Luke Skywalker Costume. The size cut was a 4 and even though he is 5, his measurements were right on target for size 4. I must have made some alterations in his Luke Skywalker costume to make it shorter, etc. because that was a year ago. But I was glad to realize I had made it before because his Luke costume was pretty wide for the size and this time I used a knit so I decided to thin it out a bit by taking an inch out of the width both on front and back


Also, I noticed that the ninjago gi has a lapel of sorts so when I was cutting the pieces out, I cut along the curve of an imaginary crew-neckline and then straight down to meet the pattern. Also, note that taking an inch out made the shoulder seam a little wonky, so when cutting, just cut straight across. There are more formal ways to add to a pattern and true up lines, but hey! It’s a costume, right?!?


I knew that making a 4 would fit his body measurements but I knew they’d be too short so I cut the pattern for sleeves and pants on the line that says “lengthen or shorten here” and spread about 1 1/2″ to add some length.


Baby Girl loves to “help” 🙂

I cut the belt from the black knit, but did not use the neck piece from the pattern since I had altered the neckline for the lapel and would be adding a black band on the front edges. To do that I just measured the length of the front edge and rotary-cut a strip about 3 inches wide. I folded the strip right-sides-together (RST) and sewed one short edge. Then turned it inside out and placed the sewn edge at the top of the shirt and attached one long edge with a 1/4″ seam. I pressed a 1/4″ seam in the other long edge, folded the strip to the inside and topstiched it in place. I also measured the neckline and cut a similar strip to add in green along the neck edge (no, my seams are not finished on that part – this was actually the last piece I made of the three and the boy was getting anxious!)


The mask is in two pieces – a mouth and nose cover, held on by elastic behind the ears. Since the knit I was using wasn’t very stable, the mouth piece started to stretch out in the few minutes T was wearing/playing with it so I later added some elastic to the edges to help it keep it’s shape.


Then the hood goes on over that


The pants made up like your typical elastic waist/pajama pants so I’ll move on to the “armor”. I looked high and low for silver vinyl at the fabric store with two kids who were getting a little weary so when I found this bag material that was silver and stiff, I just grabbed it and ran to the cut table. I wasn’t sure how it’d do in the wash so I took my cue from Delia Creates and attached some velcro to make it detachable. To make the shoulder armor, I found this printable box template and used the top two-thirds of it (minus the bag handle) as my pattern.

DSC_0042I cut the two bottom pieces a little longer and added velcro before sewing both “boxes” together.


The “armor piece on the hood I just cut freehand and zigzag stitched in place.


So there you have it! I was rewarded with, “Mom, I love how you can make me all these cool things” and that’s good in my book. We will be living with a green ninja for the next two weeks straight, I’m sure, so if you see us around town, say hi!

Sewing Day

Thanks to all my friends who came to sewing day this last Saturday! We had some old friends come and some new friends (one of which really impressed me – Hailey aged 12!). If you can believe it, we didn’t take a single picture! FOR SHAME! Though none of us really finished, everyone made really good progress on their projects.

  • Malissa started her first-ever knit garment
  • Hailey worked on a super cute elastic waist skirt
  • Melissa got all the prep work done and some stitching on her first sewing project (the A-plus A-line skirt from
  • Diane finished some snuggle baby blankets
  • Emily used my serger to finally hem up her curtain sheers and also got some fusing done on a quilt she’s working on.
  • Leta Mae came to work on a shirt she’s made several times
  • I worked on my little guy’s costume (Woody from Toy Story) and ended up finishing his vest (Orlando from Burdastyle) and bandana:

Woody's bandana and vest

Thanks to my good friend Mary for recommending I line the vest in black so that later he can dress up as Han Solo!! This afternoon I got started on Woody’s shirt (Kwik Sew 3146):

I think I will take this to work on during my lunch hour tomorrow. I’m really happy at what I’ve finished on it so far, but the sooner I get this done, the quicker I can get back to Lady Grey! haha What about you? Are you making costumes this year? Have you done so in the past? What was the best one you’ve made or worn handmade? Can’t wait to hear your answers!

Pants – EEK!!

Well, I fell in love with the Alice & Olivia pants pattern (Vogue 2907), but as it turns out, these are going to take some work to get just right. I made a muslin of the pattern with no alterations – just to see what I had to work with. The waistline was perfect in the back but way too high in the front. I pinned some fabric out of the front to adjust where the waistline hit, then pinned some out below to try to take care of some other wrinkles. I decided the shape of the leg was too, shall-i-say, sexy for a pair of work pants so I straightened the leg and then added to the crotch length in the back. I’ll include a gallery of pictures of the alterations I did below. Whereas most of the problems were solved, there is an unintended consequence I’m not sure what to do with.

As soon as I realized what a challenge these were beginning to be, I ordered the book Pants For Real People.

I’m hoping it comes quickly (it was not available at the local library) so I can start from the first muslin and maybe get it right!!! The range of delivery dates is August 19 – September 3rd! That means I may have to start Self Stitched September with NO PANTS! So I’m going to take a look at some ready made-pants in my sewing closet to see if I could quickly alter them, as anything I’ve stitched on can technically qualify for Self Stitched September, depending on how literal you want to be. When I get the pattern right, I plan to make 2 pairs of pants and then I’ll probably use that pattern for my jeans too, since I’m planning on them being perfect (eventually) and a lot of work. The style could definitely work for jeans with a patch pocket on the back and belt carriers – voila!

Today I almost finished my denim button up shirt

Just needs buttons & buttonholes!

and so now, while I wait for my book, I’ll be reorganizing my sewing list to make good use of my waiting time…I’ll let you know what I come up with!