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Book Review: Sewing To Sell

I love to enter sewing giveaways. Back in 2008 when I first started blogging I won a Michael Miller fabric set and I was hooked! I’ve scarcely won anything since, but I recently hit the jackpot winning this book by Virginia Lindsay of Gingercake Designs. It’s called Sewing To Sell: The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Craft Business.

Sewing To Sell | Review by JaimeSews

In many ways I’m not a beginner, but I’ve recently felt a little directionless. I feel somewhat stuck in between a hobby & a real business so I tried to sit down with this book with the eyes of a beginner to see if I could find some direction one way or another. I was not disappointed with Virginia’s smart & practical advice!

I sometimes find my head spinning from all the opportunities presented by the crafty business world. There is so much variety and so many possibilities and paths one could walk down. Right off the bat, Virginia encourages readers to stick with their own personal style. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to get so inspired by everything around me that I feel I need to mimic what I see, instead of being true to myself. I can see some definite growth in this area since I started sewing to sell in 2008 after the birth of my son. I wasn’t choosing fabrics that inspired me in an effort to keep costs down and found myself unhappy very quickly. After I went back to work full time, I set the sewing business aside until the last year or so and this time I’ve endeavored to sew what I love.

In another section, Virginia discusses some business tips including changing the way you look at purchasing fabric & supplies. I definitely related to her examples and confessions and plan to make changes in this area myself. Other topics discussed (and shown beautifully) are how to photograph and package your product and for online and craft fair sales. Sewing to Sell also discusses pricing your product, organizing your patterns and sewing space and explains how to identify your customer.

Sewing To Sell | Review by JaimeSews

And then, to top it all off, there are 16 Starter project patterns included to get you started in your own sewing business. I confess, in a world with Pinterest and unlimited web resources, I hardly ever buy a book for projects anymore. But there was not one project in this book I wouldn’t want to make and many of them are a blank slate with which Virginia encourages the reader to make their own! And super extra bonus?!?! There’s a price range suggestion included at the top of each project pattern!

Sewing To Sell | Review by JaimeSews

Overall I found the advice in this book was exactly what I needed to hear. I should have known that when I felt lost, it would be best to follow the advice of Vince Lombardi and go back to the basics. So if you are a new to the craft business, save yourself some trouble and grab a copy of this book. And if you are a seasoned craft business owner looking for a little direction, you should also grab a copy of this book and remind yourself about the basics of Sewing to Sell!

Thank you so much to Virginia of Gingercake Designs for generously offering Sewing to Sell as a prize and thank you for supporting the handmade community with your practical, straight forward advice! I know I will be using the patterns included to add cute new products to my etsy shop this coming year!

Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Sale!!

Hey all – I hope you had a great day yesterday with family & friends and that the joy and gratitude remain throughout the season! I wanted to let you know about a sale I’m running today through midnight (PST) Cyber Monday  in BOTH my shops!

JaimeSews Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale!

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Omni Family Tour – JaimeSews

Today’s The Day!! It’s my turn to share with you my version of the Omni Tempore pattern for both kids and adults! I’m Jaime, found on twitter, facebook and instagram as JaimeSews. I’ve been sewing since I was 15 years old, earned a bachelors degree in Home Economics, worked selling sewing machines, in a quilt shop and later in a bridal shop & now sew from my home. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!!
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
I’ve been busy making up some fall/winter staples for me and the kids with the Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes and I have TWO techniques to share with you!
  • How to adjust for using a not-so-stretchy knit with a pattern designed for knits and
  • How to create basic machine appliques to make your Omni Tempore your own!

BUT – You should know – there is a sale on The Omni Tempore pattern bundle all this week during the tour AND there’s a giveaway! (And if you so happen to purchase the pattern and then win it, you will be refunded so be sure to keep your receipt/email!)

Prize Pack #1

1.5 meters of fabric from Joy Fits Fabrics

Omni Tempore Pattern Bundle by Sofliantjes

Bustle Skirt Pattern by Koda Baby Boutique

1 Pattern of choice by Filles a Maman

1 Pattern of choice by Serger Pepper

1 Pattern of choice by E+M Patterns

1 Pattern of choice by Striped Swallow Designs

Omni Family Tour | JaimeSews

Prize Pack #2

1.5 merers of fabric from Joy Fits Fabrics

Omni Tempore Pattern Bundle by Sofilantjes

Grace Pattern by Rose & Lee Designs

1 Pattern of choice by Filles a Maman

1 Pattern of choice by Madeit Patterns

1 Pattern of choice by Dandelions n’ Dungarees

So be sure to read/scroll to the end of the post to enter!

Let’s get started!

All three of us got our fabric from F&M Fabrics locally, found online at They have the best prices hands down and a huge selection. As we walked down the aisle lined with the knits, the kids saw/felt/hugged/laid their heads down on this super fuzzy, exquisitely soft fleece.
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
If you’ve ever been shopping with your kids at the fabric store, you know it can be a challenge to focus. Well, we all fell in love with how unbelievably soft the fabric was that I completely disregarded that the pattern calls for knits.
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
Now Fleece is technically a knit, but 1) it’s bulky and 2) it’s not that stretchy. So I had to improvise. First (in order of discovery), I had to cut the collar lining from a much thinner knit in order to reduce bulk. I also ended up cutting about 1/2″ off the neckline all the way around to widen it enough for their little heads to fit through.
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
After I got the collar attached, I realized there would also need to be some more room in the body and sleeve to compensate for the lack of stretch. I took the same knit I lined the collar with and made a gusset all the way down from the wrist to the shirt hem. I really loved how this added a pop of color to each top!
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
This particular problem could also be solved by choosing a size or two up. The Omni Tempore pattern has unlimited options, including different sleeve lengths, sleeve/waistline ribbing or regular hem, kangaroo pocket, collar or hood! I let the kids each pick out their own style features and since they chose the collar I thought it’d be fun to choose the hood for myself.
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
What I love about the hood is that it also looks like the cowl neckline the kids have, so especially in the fabric I chose, it still looks dressy. But…it DOES have a hood!
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
This knit I found at F&M Fabrics is a super soft, sheer knit, great for fall & part of winter here in CA.
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
Regarding the Omni Tempore pattern, it was a super quick sew! Even with all the options, I found it easy to make three different variations without consulting the instructions much after making just one. The instructions were clear and the pattern pieces all fit together without a hitch. It was a thoroughly enjoyable sew!
Omni Tempore Pattern by Sofilantjes | JaimeSews
So let’s get on to how to add the applique!
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
First you need to gather all your supplies:
  1. Scissors
  2. A pencil/pen
  3. Pellon 805 Wonder-Under
  4. Fabric to applique
  5. Your applique design. I just found the images I wanted to use on the interwebs and printed them out.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Trace the applique design onto the paper side of your Wonder-Under.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Rough cut around the applique design you just traced onto your Wonder-Under and place it on the wrong side of your applique fabric. Press a few seconds to tack in place.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Allow it all to cool completely. Cut out the traced design.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Peel off the backing of your applique, making sure the webbing is attached to your fabric.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Place on your shirt where you want it to be…
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
Then fuse in place using a damp pressing cloth (or fat quarter sized muslin/cotton scrap) until the press cloth is dry. (See also the directions that come with your Wonder-Under). Stitch in place with a zig zag stitch.
Applique Tutorial | JaimeSews
The Omni Tempore is a great pattern for the whole family that doesn’t have to look matchy-matchy, but could if that’s what you’re going for! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to enter to win one of the amazing prize packs!

Click Here To Enter —-> a Rafflecopter giveaway

And don’t forget to head on over to the other stops on the tour!

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Gift for a Friend: India Hobo

Today is my friend Becky’s Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!!

(If you or someone in your family loves Star Wars, you’ll want to check out Becky’s blog, Star Wars Wife!)

I was super excited when Becky’s husband contacted me to make up a bicycle-themed hobo bag. Swoon Patterns is one of the authorities on Bag Patterns so I swooped up the India Hobo Bag pattern & it didn’t let me down.

Swoon India Hobo Bag | JaimeSews

Most of the pattern pieces are stabilized with a woven fusible interfacing. I was a little nervous at first but was really happy with the result – the bag feels sturdy without feeling too stiff. Becky’s main requirement was that the bag be a cross-the-body style, but she also wanted some zipper pockets. Swoon India Hobo Bag | JaimeSews

The India has two good-sized zipper pockets, one inside, one outside, not to mention the large main pocket and a large outside open pockets on either side. Swoon India Hobo Bag | JaimeSews

Last night we had a great time at a barbecue celebrating Becky. I learn so much from being her friend – she is purposefully positive, intentional in her relationships, a learner, creative & a lover of God and her family.

Swoon India Hobo Bag | JaimeSews

I am thankful I was given the opportunity to help with her hubby’s gift this year – hope you love your bag Becky and here’s to a great year!

Get To Know You Blog Hop

Last week you met Kimberly from Straight Stitch Designs – didn’t you love her reusable sandwich wrap tutorial?!? Well she has invited me to join in on a get-to-know-you type blog hop in which I answer four questions and then pass it on to two bloggers I’d like to hear from! So here goes!

Why Do I Write?

I write for my blog because I love to sew and, therefore, love any opportunity to “talk sewing”! Several years ago I worked at a quilt shop.

quilt shops 2011-01-08 003 copy

It was a glorious experience because it was literally my business to talk sewing, fabric, patterns, techniques, machines and more! I would help customers choose fabrics for their various projects, figure out fabric requirements when they wanted this quilt pattern but in a different size or with an additional row, drool over new fabric lines coming in, learn to use the latest sewing machine models and help others learn to use their machines. There was inspiration everywhere I looked and always something to learn. In a way, the sewing blogosphere is like that. There are self-taught seamstresses, crafty college graduates, and professionals sharing their specialties, ideas, new patterns and free projects. There is no lack of inspiration or things to learn no matter your level of education on the topic. I write to share what knowledge I have, pass on resources I find useful, reveal projects I’ve completed and more in the hopes that I’m adding to the sewspiration I see all around me!

What Am I Working On?

Truth be told, I have sewing ADD. I seem to always be working on twenty things at once. At the moment I am mid-sew on a customer order (waiting for my serger to get back from the shop), I have another customer project also in the works – 16 lined table runners for a wedding, and I also have 3 quilts cut and ready to sew. In addition, I have been working on drafting my first digital pattern in the evenings when I feel energized and not quite ready for bed.


How Does It Differ From Others of its Genre?

As mentioned before, there is a vast sewing blogosphere and lots of interesting people to follow. I don’t pretend to know everything about sewing, but I enjoy sharing what I know and that, of course, is unique to me. I have my own style, likes and dislikes, knowledge to share and my own unique voice and point of view. Simply put…


How Does My Writing Process Work?

In my fantasy world, I have a blog planner and I plan out ahead of time all my topics. I thoughtfully write my posts and have inspiring photo sessions with the perfect lighting. I sew things well in advance and have the self-control not to share them with you until the timing is right. However, in my real world, my writing process works perhaps the way you’d expect it to for a work-at-home-mom with several micro-businesses who has to sometimes keep some semblance of a clean house and also home schools a few hours a day.


Writing happens somewhere in between realizing I need a post for Monday, dinner being on the stove or in the oven, the mad dash to finish that project to share, switching the laundry, grabbing a few quick photos, mediating an argument over legos, and sitting down to the computer to actually type something out (with 5.2 million interruptions for snacks, emails, work phone calls, etc.). And while I sometimes long for more peaceful organization, I absolutely treasure being able to be at home with my babies, which provides time for me to work at things that matter and the things that I enjoy.

Last Year’s Christmas Photo Session

Well that about wraps it up! Next Monday you’ll want to stop by my two nominees to learn more about them.  In the meantime, you can check out their blogs to see what they’re up to.

First up, Sew Lindsay, Sew! Obviously she has good taste since we chose the same wordpress theme and just a few posts ago, she made something Star Wars 😉 In her (paraphrased) own words, she’s a midwest girl living in Florida, learning to sew one magical project at a time. She considers herself an “advanced beginner” but you wouldn’t know it from her projects! Check out this awesome tea cup zippy pouch! I love it! We’ve followed each others blogs for a little bit so I look forward to learning more about her and her process.

My second blog pick and I are still working out the details, but I’ll be sure to introduce her and repost Sew Lindsay, Sew’s link next week!

Seafarer Top

Have you ever organized something, like say, your PDF pattern collection, only to find out you have, oh i don’t know, maybe, well over 100.  Then suffering from shock, and a little embarrassment, you decide you must sew something right away to justify the awesome collection you have sitting there just waiting to be sewn before you ever, in a very long time, buy another one?

Well, suppose something like that happened last week and then suppose the Seafarer Top was one of those patterns…Then suppose your photographer is a 6 year old boy…you might just end up with something like this.

Seafarer Top | JaimeSews

The Seafarer Top is super quick to make and easy to wear. The high neckline makes it practical, but the dolmen sleeve takes it a notch up from your regular t-shirt.  That picture above was straight on, but with a 6 year old photographer, you might also get some pictures with your head cut off…Seafarer Top | JaimeSews

Or that make it look as though you’re looking down on the world…Seafarer Top | JaimeSews

At any rate, I didn’t do either of the band options or the pocket, so there is more variety available with this pattern that would be fun to experiment with in different fabrics.  I love my new Seafarer Top and hope to sew A LOT MORE from my PDF Pattern stash in the near future. A trip to F&M Fabrics is in order, I think, since most of my hoarded fabric is quilting cottons.

So fess up – how many PDF patterns do you have? Paper patterns more your thing?