A Rival Quilt – Dodgers vs. Giants

Friends, some things are learned and some things you’re just born with. Even though I do not watch a single game during baseball season, I was born a Dodger fan and that’s not something that’s easily abandoned. I love sports, I really do. I’m the kind of girl who will walk into a gathering where the game is being watched (football, baseball, basketball, it doesn’t really matter), and will have a great time choosing a team randomly to be really passionate about for the duration of the game. Then I can walk away and never know anything about them ever again. It’s so fun.

But my cousin is the REAL Dodgers fan. He watches the games, knows the players, the stats and everything. Then he went out…and married…A GIANTS FAN!! You can imagine how devastating this would be if we didn’t truly love her and feel that he indeed married up. At their wedding, Jason & Eleanor entered their reception party through a tunnel of baseball bats, the groomsmen holding Dodgers bats and the bridesmaids holding giants bats. So now that they’ve had their first baby boy, we had to continue the theme.

Dodger-Giant Quilt | JaimeSews

Last week I finished and sent off this Dodgers and Giants themed quilt for their new little bundle of joy. It may seem subtle and unassuming from the front, but the back tells no lies. Dodger-Giant Quilt | JaimeSews

I was so excited to find these amazing matching MLB Fleece Prints at F&M Fabrics and pieced them together to make the back. Of course the Dodgers print had to be on top 😉 Though I don’t follow baseball, I am fully aware that the Giants just won the world series, but, I mean, pffft.
Dodger-Giant Quilt | JaimeSews

I did a simple meander stitch for the quilting and used the fabric from the squares to make a scrappy binding, cause choosing a color one way or the other on this quilt just didn’t seam right.Dodger-Giant Quilt | JaimeSews

Even though the baseball print is a little busy as the border, the woman cutting fabric and I agreed it added to the theme so I went with it.

I hope their little boy loves it for years to come! And I can’t wait to see which team he sides with when he’s old enough to choose!!!

This quilt measures 40 x 60″ and is perfect for a baby quilt that will last or for a lap quilt. If you’d like instructions to make your own, please see my previous tutorial post!


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