Introducing Ginger House Designs!

Happy Monday!  Today is the day to check out the bloggers I tagged in the blog hop from last week! Lindsay of Sew Lindsay, Sew!, introduced last week, and Teresa of Navy Blue Threads. Teresa is from Manchester, in the North West of England and works part time as an English teacher in secondary school. She was kindly given a sewing machine for her 40th birthday, three years ago and thus, her love of sewing began. I know you will enjoy getting to know each of these ladies so be sure to click through!

And now, I am excited to introduce you to a new brand of PDF patterns, Ginger House Designs. I’ll let Darcy explain it all below:

Hello! I’m Darcy from Ginger House Designs Blog and Jaime invited me here to talk about my new pattern line, Ginger House Designs!  This past Friday, I released my first ever digital pattern, the Emerson Dress.

A little bit about myself. I’ve always had a need to create and craft and in high school, I picked up sewing as a hobby.  I mostly sewed simple dresses and vests for myself. After college, when I was engaged, I sewed all of my bridesmaids handbags as gifts. I also started my husband a Lucius Malfoy costume (which I never finished but he still asks for it so this may be a future project?!). Upon having my first (and currently only) child and becoming a stay at home mom, I began to take the time to really study and learn sewing and pattern drafting. I took many courses, some local and some online and read as many books as I could get my hands on at the local library.

Emerson Dress Pattern by Ginger House Designs | JaimeSews

I was born and raised in Charleston, SC and am now living in Upstate South Carolina.  All of my patterns (one out right now and three more in the works) are named after Charleston places and things that I grew up around, some known and some unfamiliar to most.

Emerson Dress Pattern by Ginger House Designs | JaimeSews
The Emerson Dress, which I have already mentioned is my first pattern, is named after the street that I grew up on, Emerson Street.  We were the only house on Emerson Street.  I felt like Emerson would be a good place to start my patterns, since it is my beginning!

Emerson Dress Pattern by Ginger House Designs | JaimeSews

This pattern comes with many features that are great for customizing and making it your own!  The front bodice pieces together, so the sky’s the limit for colorblocking and pattern mixing-and-matching.

Emerson Dress Pattern by Ginger House Designs | JaimeSews

Emerson Dress Pattern by Ginger House Designs | JaimeSews

The skirt piece includes cutting lengths for dress and shirt.  And it can be made sleeveless or with flutter sleeves.  The arm hole is big enough for layering underneath with a long sleeve shirt to bring us into fall and winter (spoilers: one of the patterns I’m working on right now might be a long sleeve ruffled t-shirt)!  Who doesn’t love a dress that can keep working for you into multiple seasons!

Emerson Dress Pattern by Ginger House Designs | JaimeSews

I have set up a flickr group for Ginger House Designs so everyone can share their wonderful creations! I really can’t wait to see what people do with this pattern!  To buy the pattern, head over to the Ginger House Designs Etsy shop!

Emerson Dress Pattern by Ginger House Designs | JaimeSews

Thank you for having me over here today!  If you want to see more of my doings and things in the works, head over to Ginger House Designs Blog!  I have some tutorials in the works that will be up on the blog soon!


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