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Last week you met Kimberly from Straight Stitch Designs – didn’t you love her reusable sandwich wrap tutorial?!? Well she has invited me to join in on a get-to-know-you type blog hop in which I answer four questions and then pass it on to two bloggers I’d like to hear from! So here goes!

Why Do I Write?

I write for my blog because I love to sew and, therefore, love any opportunity to “talk sewing”! Several years ago I worked at a quilt shop.

quilt shops 2011-01-08 003 copy

It was a glorious experience because it was literally my business to talk sewing, fabric, patterns, techniques, machines and more! I would help customers choose fabrics for their various projects, figure out fabric requirements when they wanted this quilt pattern but in a different size or with an additional row, drool over new fabric lines coming in, learn to use the latest sewing machine models and help others learn to use their machines. There was inspiration everywhere I looked and always something to learn. In a way, the sewing blogosphere is like that. There are self-taught seamstresses, crafty college graduates, and professionals sharing their specialties, ideas, new patterns and free projects. There is no lack of inspiration or things to learn no matter your level of education on the topic. I write to share what knowledge I have, pass on resources I find useful, reveal projects I’ve completed and more in the hopes that I’m adding to the sewspiration I see all around me!

What Am I Working On?

Truth be told, I have sewing ADD. I seem to always be working on twenty things at once. At the moment I am mid-sew on a customer order (waiting for my serger to get back from the shop), I have another customer project also in the works – 16 lined table runners for a wedding, and I also have 3 quilts cut and ready to sew. In addition, I have been working on drafting my first digital pattern in the evenings when I feel energized and not quite ready for bed.


How Does It Differ From Others of its Genre?

As mentioned before, there is a vast sewing blogosphere and lots of interesting people to follow. I don’t pretend to know everything about sewing, but I enjoy sharing what I know and that, of course, is unique to me. I have my own style, likes and dislikes, knowledge to share and my own unique voice and point of view. Simply put…


How Does My Writing Process Work?

In my fantasy world, I have a blog planner and I plan out ahead of time all my topics. I thoughtfully write my posts and have inspiring photo sessions with the perfect lighting. I sew things well in advance and have the self-control not to share them with you until the timing is right. However, in my real world, my writing process works perhaps the way you’d expect it to for a work-at-home-mom with several micro-businesses who has to sometimes keep some semblance of a clean house and also home schools a few hours a day.


Writing happens somewhere in between realizing I need a post for Monday, dinner being on the stove or in the oven, the mad dash to finish that project to share, switching the laundry, grabbing a few quick photos, mediating an argument over legos, and sitting down to the computer to actually type something out (with 5.2 million interruptions for snacks, emails, work phone calls, etc.). And while I sometimes long for more peaceful organization, I absolutely treasure being able to be at home with my babies, which provides time for me to work at things that matter and the things that I enjoy.

Last Year’s Christmas Photo Session

Well that about wraps it up! Next Monday you’ll want to stop by my two nominees to learn more about them.  In the meantime, you can check out their blogs to see what they’re up to.

First up, Sew Lindsay, Sew! Obviously she has good taste since we chose the same wordpress theme and just a few posts ago, she made something Star Wars 😉 In her (paraphrased) own words, she’s a midwest girl living in Florida, learning to sew one magical project at a time. She considers herself an “advanced beginner” but you wouldn’t know it from her projects! Check out this awesome tea cup zippy pouch! I love it! We’ve followed each others blogs for a little bit so I look forward to learning more about her and her process.

My second blog pick and I are still working out the details, but I’ll be sure to introduce her and repost Sew Lindsay, Sew’s link next week!


2 thoughts on “Get To Know You Blog Hop

  1. Wahoo, thanks for the shoutout and for pulling me onto the blog hop train (my very first one!) — I also noticed we have the same WordPress theme, but in the People magazine “who wore it better?” you would definitely win! 😉 So many lovely buttons along the sidebar!

    Love your works in progress, the airplanes are soooo cute! I hear ya on the sewing ADD. And sewing in advance and resisting the urge to share — yep, that too. Although sometimes my secret projects slip into my Instagram world. Shhh.

    I have that Dr. Seuss quote hanging up at my desk at work. Seems we are (as Anne Shirley would put it) kindred spirits. Can’t wait to return the shout out and spill my guts next Monday!

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