Seafarer Top

Have you ever organized something, like say, your PDF pattern collection, only to find out you have, oh i don’t know, maybe, well over 100.  Then suffering from shock, and a little embarrassment, you decide you must sew something right away to justify the awesome collection you have sitting there just waiting to be sewn before you ever, in a very long time, buy another one?

Well, suppose something like that happened last week and then suppose the Seafarer Top was one of those patterns…Then suppose your photographer is a 6 year old boy…you might just end up with something like this.

Seafarer Top | JaimeSews

The Seafarer Top is super quick to make and easy to wear. The high neckline makes it practical, but the dolmen sleeve takes it a notch up from your regular t-shirt.  That picture above was straight on, but with a 6 year old photographer, you might also get some pictures with your head cut off…Seafarer Top | JaimeSews

Or that make it look as though you’re looking down on the world…Seafarer Top | JaimeSews

At any rate, I didn’t do either of the band options or the pocket, so there is more variety available with this pattern that would be fun to experiment with in different fabrics.  I love my new Seafarer Top and hope to sew A LOT MORE from my PDF Pattern stash in the near future. A trip to F&M Fabrics is in order, I think, since most of my hoarded fabric is quilting cottons.

So fess up – how many PDF patterns do you have? Paper patterns more your thing?

10 thoughts on “Seafarer Top

  1. Hi Jaime! Love your top and that your six year old took your photos – my seven year old is my photographer ;-). I have many many paper and PDF patterns – I love collecting them, I even have a few of my mothers 70’s McCalls patterns.

    • Thanks for stopping by Deb!! I went through my paper patterns and destashed a couple times over the last two years’ moves so they are down to being saved for sentimental reasons or the last few I still really love. PDFs are just so accessible! And pretty! Haha. Now if only we could buy & download fabric that easily 😉

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  3. Love your top, it looks awesome on you Jaime! And LOL to your confession, I think I’ll just keep myself in the dark so I don’t feel guilty about my stash ;).

    • Thanks for stopping by, Abby! Yes, ignorance is bliss, they say. 😉 I spent the last few years trying to get my stash somewhat under control, though, believe me, there is still plenty there!

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