Kid’s Clothes Week Summer 2014

It’s that time again! Kid’s Clothes Week! And this session’s theme is Kid Art. Are you participating?

Kid's Clothes Week

I have Peek A Boo Patterns Clothing Swap items due this week so I will be working on Kids Clothes in that way. Someday I’ll get ahead of things enough to join in on the theme, but I love how relaxed and encouraging the Kids Clothes Week community is. They’re happy if you’re there just to watch and gain inspiration, to partially participate or if you go all out and plan for the theme.

Because my swap partner would prefer to keep her items a secret and she follows my facebook page, I’ll be posting my progress only on my Instagram feed, so be sure to follow me there – I’d love to follow back. And check out the hashtags #kcw, #kidsclothesweek, #kidsclothingweek (and I’m sure there’s more) around the social media outlets to see what everyone’s up to!

See you back here next week!

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