Beginner (Baby) Quilt and Ultimate Bib

Happy Monday! This past weekend I attended my cousin’s baby shower. Josh & Natalie are having their first bambino, a boy they’re naming Riley! I love to give handmade gifts, so when their registry revealed a monkey nursery theme, I was super excited to get shopping. I just got my Kam Snaps plier kit and was anxious to try it out, so I knew for sure I would be making the Ultimate Catch-All Bib, a free pattern from Peek A Boo Pattern Shop!

PAB Ultimate Baby Bib | JaimeSews

I took Amy’s recommendation and and ordered from Laminates on Etsy. She has an amazing selection of laminated cotton and this Monkey print perfectly fit the theme. The Ultimate Catch-All Bib is great because it opens flat to wipe clean, but snaps up to catch all the food that doesn’t quite make it into baby’s mouth.

PAB Ultimate Baby Bib | JaimeSews

My son and I had a great time figuring out the Kam Snaps (it’s not hard). Mostly we just giggled at how quickly they went in and how cool it was that they worked! Here’s a picture from the back showing the one side snapped and the other side open. I had a bib similar to this one when my kids were bib-wearing age. It was hands-down our favorite bib. I hope Josh & Natalie get great use out of it!

PAB Ultimate Baby Bib | JaimeSews

The same day I ordered from Laminates, I also found a cotton fat quarter of the same monkey print! Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but gathered I could figure that out later. Well after a trip to the local store to match fabrics, I came home with the goodies to make a Beginner’s Quilt!

Beginner's Quilt | JaimeSews

Instructions for making this quilt can be found here. I love how quickly it comes together, but also like the size. It measures 45″ x 60″ so it will last for as long as Riley still loves it (assuming he will).

Beginner's Quilt | JaimeSews

Without question, I was in the mood for meandering, so I just stitched a big version of it all over. It’s not perfect, but I love how it turned out.

Beginner's Quilt | JaimeSews

I put an alphabet flannel on the back for warmth and a soft feel. And quite possibly the smallest quilt label ever.

Beginner's Quilt | JaimeSews

This week is a busy week, but I hope to work on my Peek A Boo Pattern Shop Swap outfits (Here’s the post from last year’s swap). This year, I’ll be sewing for a boy and girl in Hawaii and she’s sewing for my two! Can’t wait to see how everything turns out and will be sure to share!


6 thoughts on “Beginner (Baby) Quilt and Ultimate Bib

  1. Wow! This is the coolest quilt I’ve ever see. The bib looks nice because of its crumb catcher and its monkey print. For sure you’ve had a very lovely day in making these cute stuffs. Good job.

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