Run Jump Hop Skip Pattern Tour

Today’s post is a stop on the Stitch It Now’s Run Jump Hop Skip Pattern Tour! Thanks for stopping by!

For those of you who are here for the first time, Welcome! My name is Jaime, known around social media outlets as JaimeSews. I’ve been sewing since I was 15 years old, have a bachelor’s degree in Home Economics and have worked in quilt shops, in a bridal alterations room, and now from home. I have two kiddos, a daughter about to turn 3 and a 6 year old son. I sell handmade children’s clothes and quilts at and I recently opened a fabric & notions shop at I’m in the Central Valley of sunny California, a proud resident of the city of Bakersfield (Ever heard of Buck Owens? Merle Haggard? Also, our farms feed people around the world!) and I am always sewing something!

Bakersfield, CA

I recently signed up for Lauren Dahl’s online Pattern Workshop course (affiliate) to learn to make PDF patterns from my own designs. With the purchase of this course, you gain membership into a PRICELESS facebook group where you get to rub elbows with aspiring, new, and established pattern designers.  Deb Cameron of Stitch it Now is a part of this group and I was super impressed with her first pattern design, the Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts/Pants. When she put out the testing call, I jumped at the opportunity!! It is so fun to work with new pattern designers, be a part of the pattern process, to help a designer work out the kinks before the pattern goes up for sale, and earn a free pattern in the process! (I received this pattern for free, but of course, the opinions are all my own).

Stitch It Now's Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts Pattern | JaimeSews

Deb started Stitch It Now , offering pre-cut projects complete with instructions and all necessary notions, after becoming a mom of two within 12 months! She (understandably) found it difficult to get to the fabric store, and if she did get away for a bit, inevitably there was something forgotten that was, of course, critical to finishing her project. This inspired her to help other moms who may be in a similar stage of life by offering the Pre-Cut packs with everything you need in one stop! Genius!

Stitch It Now's Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts Pattern | JaimeSews

Now on to the Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts/Pants Pattern. Deb designed this pattern to have a snug fit below the natural waist, relaxing into the hip and leg to allow for plenty of movement without the short or pants falling down. They feature pockets on front and back with a flat front waistband and an elastic waistband in back. I was leery of this style at first, as I’ve tried to sew the flat front pant before with less than desirable results, but Deb’s version really does fit and stay in place! The faux fly means no fuss when potty training while still looking grown-up, and it’s sized from 1-10 (size 1 & 2 leave plenty of room for diapers).

Stitch It Now's Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts Pattern | JaimeSews

After a little discussion with Deb about my son’s measurements, we decided I should test the size 5. Tyler is 6 and a half years old, but his waist and hip measurement landed in the size 5 of Deb’s size chart. Deb is in Australia so the measurements correspond with Australian sizing, but this is a typical situation I face when comparing my son’s measurements to pattern size charts. I usually just make the 6 anyway, but I’m glad Deb convinced me to try the 5. It ended up being just perfect.

Stitch It Now's Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts Pattern | JaimeSews

I love the slim fit on the waist of the shorts, while they remain long and roomy in the leg. I’ve talked a lot about my son in this post, but this is pattern is great for girls and boys (just check out the other tester’s shorts linked at the bottom of this post). There is a shortening line marked on the pattern since shortening the leg makes them a little more girly. You will be pleasantly surprised to find an extremely detailed and well thought-out instructions in this pattern. Deb has recovered swimmingly from what my friends and I call “Pregnancy Brain” (and then later “Mommy Brain”), if she ever suffered from either at all! The 23 pages of set up and instruction will bring confidence to even a beginner seamstress. One of my favorite features is the Tick & Flick Overview Sheet. This is a one-sheet summary of the sewing steps so that, in my case, once I’ve sewn it once following the steps word for word, I can use this Tick & Flick sheet the next time round just as a little reminder. And I love that we can make shorts now, then use the very same pattern to make pants in the fall. It’s an outstanding value!

Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts Pattern Screenshot | JaimeSews

You can win the Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts/Pants Pattern for yourself! (or the pattern and a fabric gift card, or the pattern and your choice of either boy or girl inspired Japanese Echino fabrics.) HOW, you may ask? Why head on over to Stitch It Now’s Pattern Release Post and be sure to read to the bottom! Also, be sure to check out the other stops on the Pattern Tour, linked below.

UPDATE From Deb: ‘Due to family reasons, I have aborted the Run Jump Hop Skip Tour and the Stitch it Now Blog will be on extended leave.  I will still make the prize draw on Saturday, 5 July and send the prizes to the random winners.  I do apologise for this interruption.  Happy Sewing.’

Stitch It Now Run Jump Hop Skip Shorts Pattern |JaimeSews



10 thoughts on “Run Jump Hop Skip Pattern Tour

  1. I know you told me you were from Bakersfield before but I had completely forgotten. We should definitely hang out sometime, eh?… I have a 6 year-old (almost 7) boy as well. Are there any good fabric stores in Bako? Worth the drive from Kingsburg?

    • oh wow – you’re in Kingsburg!? Fun! There’s F&M Fabrics – it’s like Bakersfield mini garment district. And strawberry Patches is an amazing quilt store.

      • Yes I am! I will have to make the drive one of these days and check those places out. I’ve heard of Strawberry Patches but never been there. And mini garment district?! Sounds intriguing. I used to live a short drive from downtown LA and I miss being able to just pop on over there and find absolutely EVERYTHING. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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