Blank Slate Patterns Sale!

Did I or did I not tell you that Thursdays and Fridays are great days for pattern sales?! Well, I have another sale to tell you about! Blank Slate Patterns is selling their Favorite Purse Pattern for only $2 with coupon code MEMORIAL14! (This post contains affiliate links)favoritepurse1

In addition, you can combine this discount with the “BUY4GET5” coupon code when you buy 5 patterns, and the purse counts as one of the 5!!*

One of my favorites from Blank Slate Patterns is the Coastal Cargos!

Coastal Cargos | Jaime Johnson

But Blank Slate Patterns have patterns for girls and women too, and a GREAT camera bag pattern, so be sure to visit and do some shopping!


**The BUY4GET5 code is good for $7.95 off your purchase of 5 or more patterns, so if you only buy women’s patterns the 5th won’t be entirely free. 


One thought on “Blank Slate Patterns Sale!

  1. Cute bag!

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