The Professional Tote 2.0

If you’re local, and you follow F&M Fabrics on Facebook, you saw them post a few weeks back some beautiful Italian Faux Leather that recently came in. This one in particular caught my eye and I thought it’d make a great Professional Tote (pattern here).

Professional Tote | JaimeSews

I first made The Professional Tote a decade ago when I worked at a quilt shop. It goes together pretty quickly and has lots of useful pockets. Starting on the outside front, there is a pocket just behind that chrome colored accent you can slide papers into. Then for a little more security, there’s the zipper pocket just below. Both are the width of the center portion of the bag between the straps.
Professional Tote | JaimeSews

The back has a big pocket across the entire width.Professional Tote | JaimeSews

With a magnetic closure.Professional Tote | JaimeSews

Then there’s the wonderful side pockets ideal for holding beverages.Professional Tote | JaimeSews

The top has a big zipper…Professional Tote | JaimeSews

Which opens to pockets galore on the inside – pen pockets, a d-ring for your keys, a large center zipper pocket, along with a line of pockets on the other side. (sorry for the blurry pic cause the inside really is amazing!)Professional Tote | JaimeSews

This bag would be great for many uses. If it looks familiar to you, you may remember I made this same pattern from laminates for my daughter’s diaper bag (You can get a little bit better look at the inside pockets here).

Professional Tote Diaper Bag | Jaime Johnson

I highly recommend The Professional Tote pattern as, you can see, it’s something I make over and over again. It is not specifically intended to be used as a diaper bag, but I think it makes a great gift for a new mom! Using the new Italian Faux Leathers at F&M Fabrics will help you achieve a more purse-like look for a diaper bag. You could also use their utility fabrics to make it more masculine. The bag measures 18″Wide x 15″ Tall x 5″ Deep.

F&M Fabrics is located at 2954 Niles St, Bakersfield CA. Give them a call at (661) 873-9566.


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