Pirate Pajama Eater

Arrrrrgh! It be Monday, but don’t lose heart! I have a great project for you today.

A few months back several PDF pattern companies got together and bundled 30 of their patterns together for one low price. The Pajama Eater Pattern from Sew Fearless was part of that bundle.

Super Pajama Eater | JaimeSews

I had seen a Pajama Eater or two on Pinterest a few times and thought it was adorable, but it wasn’t until I started putting them together that I really fell in love.

Cowboy Pajama Eater | JaimeSews

I kept finding fun fabric combinations from my stash and the more I made, the more inspiration I found! This one needed Eyelashes.

Eyelashes Pajama Eater | JaimeSews

I added a bow to this one (please excuse the terrible lighting)

Bow Pajama Eater | JaimeSews

Then I got this really great Riley Blake Pirate Toss fabric in and it was obvious to me this fabric was just screaming to be a Pirate Pajama Eater!

Pirate Pajama Eater | JaimeSewsBut I couldn’t leave it up to the fabric alone to make him a pirate. He definitely had to have an eye patch.

Pirate Pajama Eater | JaimeSews

And what pirate is complete without a hook for a hand? And if he’s lost a hand in his battles and voyages, it is a must that he have a peg leg! He also has crooked teeth.

Pirate Pajama Eater | JaimeSewsI’ve had a lot of fun with these, as you can tell. My son has requested a ninja pajama eater, which I think is a great idea. And I’m sure my princess would like a princess some day. You could really make them to be any theme you want! So here are the details:

Pattern: Pajama Eaters by Sew Fearless

Pirate Toss Fabric: JJsSupply

Pirate Pajama Eater for sale at JaimeSews


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