Kids Clothing Week Winter 2014 – Checking In

I’m having a great time participating in this round of Kids Clothes Week. Are you participating? There are still a few days left, but I wanted to share my first KCW finish with you today! {This post contains affiliate links}

As I mentioned in my planning post, my son and I signed up for a handmade clothing swap last fall, but something must have come up with the sender and we didn’t end up receiving our swap item. I purchased this red, white and blue solid Sew Classic Knit from JoAnn’s and set aside for several months. Originally I was going to make the Alex & Anna Winter PJ’s from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop, but when I picked up the project again, my son insisted that he wanted the Classic Footed Pajamas instead.

PAB Classic Footed PJs |By  Jaime Johnson

This is the same pattern company I got the Downton Duffle from and since the coat fit  just exactly, I figured I’d really size this up. Here in CA…in January…we are having 75 degree days. So I wasn’t sure how much use he’d get from them this winter and wanted to make sure he could wear them next winter too.

If you are like my husband and son, you are asking what the white is doing at the top of the blue side. I had purchased what I thought was an iron on transfer that turned out not to be what I thought it was. I put the white on top to be a good spot for his SpiderMan transfer, since they show up better on light colors than dark. I have another one coming in the mail so, for now, just close your eyes and use your imagination…ok…are you ready…you’re imagining it? Well, let me and Photoshop help you out a bit…

PAB Classic Footed PJs |By  Jaime Johnson

See how it’s all cool and Spider Man-y now? Well, just to make sure you really get the idea, here’s the Spider Boy flying through the air…

PAB Classic Footed PJs |By  Jaime Johnson

…in his 3 sizes too big feet jammies. 🙂 We chose the half zipper option since he’s big enough to put on a pair of pants and got some black jiffy grip for the bottom. The knit is lightweight and comfy and he says he LOVES them so I would say that’s a win! This pattern is great for fleece, flannel and knits and has a range of sizes from newborn through 10/12 so you can make them year after year!

Stay tuned for next week’s post on what I’m working on for my daughter the remainder of Kids Clothing Week!


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