Friendship Star Batik Quilt

I really enjoy the variety of projects that sewing affords. I like to sew a garment, then a quilt, then a pillow and then start the process all over again. Then there are other specialties in the world of home decor sewing, bridal & special occasion, tailoring and more. I had the itch to make a quilt recently and there in my stash was this quilt “kit” all ready to sew up. I used to work in a quilt store and while others would buy any fabric to add to their “stash”, I had to have a purpose in my purchase so I would buy fabric for a specific quilt, package it all together and wait for a time when I could work on it. For this one, I had the help of my friend, Lynn at the Creamsicle Cat – to pick out the fabrics and to lend her expert hand at the Long Arm Quilting. The help of a friend couldn’t be more appropriate since this quilt is a Friendship Star pattern! Here’s a pic of the quilt the day I received it back from Lynn.

Friendship Star | JaimeSews

I love the bold colors and the way the spiral movement of the quilting pattern makes it feel like the stars are spinning. The back is a thick, soft & fluffy pink minky that takes on the quilting motif beautifully.Friendship Star | JaimeSews

Batiks are wonderful to work with, since due to the dying process the colors and pattern are unique and in their unwashed state, they are crisp and easy to sew. But it just gets better after each wash as they keep their bold colors, but soften up more and more. This quilt measures 51″ x 69″, slightly smaller than a twin or useful as a larger lap quilt. It’s available in my shop so check it out and make sure to click above to check out Lynn’s blog too!

Friendship Star | JaimeSews


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