Family Picture T-Shirt Re-design

Every year around this time we prepare for taking our family picture. You know, the one that will be featured on our yearly Christmas Card! We pick a color and try to find tops to fit the bill. This year we chose navy blue so I went out to the stores to see what I could find. Let me tell you, there is almost nothing for a toddler girl in navy blue, especially mostly solid navy blue! So after two stores I decided it was time for a DIY. I bought the softest, biggest shirt I could find and decided to try to use the Maggie Mae pattern to create something my little girl could wear. T-Shirt Remake: Before

I used just the top yolk piece to cut a boatneck style top and then cut off the existing sleeves at the very bottom to add since the rest of us all had long sleeves. Then I cut the bottom off the shirt to gather to the yolk. It didn’t matter how wide the original shirt was since I wanted a gathered look. I just kept the factory hems on the sleeves and the shirt bottom.

T-shirt remake: cutting out

I used some scraps to create a neck “ribbing” to give it a finished look. It went together in no time!

T-Shirt Remake: Finished

She was comfy and cute. Here’s the best pic to show off the shirt:

T-Shirt Remake: On the Model

And here’s the Christmas Card Pic!
The Winner

A big thanks to Michelle Kaufman for taking our photos again this year. Always a great job! Check her out: Photography by Michelle


2 thoughts on “Family Picture T-Shirt Re-design

  1. So cute! You have such a creative “sewers mind”. My MIL is like that, too. I am not! I have a hard time straying from a pattern. 🙂

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