Swimsuit Sew-Along: Checking In

This post is one part of a Swimsuit Sew-Along series! If you missed the previous posts and would like to join in, just click below!

A few of you have mentioned to me on facebook or in messages that you’re participating in the swimsuit sew-along, but I have to say you’re all a little on the quiet side. This is your chance to pipe up and let me know you’re out there! I would love for you to comment below or on my facebook page to let us know where you are:

  1. Is your machine ready? In the shop? When will it be back?
  2. Have you chosen a pattern? Links to your pattern are even better, though not required!
  3. Have you found a fabric? Locally or is it being shipped to you? Do you know when it will be in? Links are fun here too!
  4. Are you interested in getting together to cut/sew up your suit? Do weekdays work or are you only available weekends?

I’ll go first to get the ball rolling.

  1. For my machine, I was ready and had the ball point needles and everything when my machine went wacky. It’s not really broken but not all the way working either. So I plan to buy appropriate needles for my backup machine – a 1960’s Morse, all metal, boat anchor style. They don’t make ’em like that anymore!
  2. I will be making the Waikiki One Piece
  3. I have this fabric,Ā I just need to grab some lining. 20130725-174512.jpg
  4. I would love to get together so I look forward to hearing your responses!

If you’re following along from a far off land, outside of the wonderful Californian County of Kern, I plan to continue posts as follows. I would love to know if you’re out there (even if you’re local and would appreciate the continuing tutorials) :

  • Basic pattern alterations you might encounter
  • Cutting out your swimsuit
  • Sewing basic seams
  • Sewing Elastic (arms, legs & neckline)

So share away! I look forward to hearing from you! & let me know if I missed anything you’d like to learn about in the planned tutorials.


12 thoughts on “Swimsuit Sew-Along: Checking In

  1. Well, I just ordered a SERGER!! It will be here Monday some time (I’m guessing evening). I finally got over my fear and went for it. I will use it on the swimsuit, but I really wanted it for these skirts that Sophie has decided to sew like crazy – all knit fabric. But that’s another story. Back to the swimsuit… I have the pattern (sorta). Actually, I have a tutorial that tells me how to draft the pattern. Here is a link: http://kitschycoo.blogspot.com/2011/06/tutorial-draft-thyself-pin-up-bathing.html
    That is happening (for Claire) as soon as I finish typing. I have the fabric- here is a link to what I have for Claire: http://www.spandexhouse.com/pictures.php?pId=6462 and I even have the lining (bought the last 2 yds. of white at JoAnn’s this morning).
    Claire is hoping I can have hers ready for the youth group beach trip on Wednesday. So I am starting today and hoping for the best šŸ™‚

    • Kelly – sorry! I was in birthday mode this weekend! šŸ™‚ How exciting about your serger! Did it come? Do you love it?! Kudos to you for drafting your own pattern & nothing like having a deadline! šŸ™‚ If any questions come up, let me know so I can cover them for everyone else following along. Thanks for some blog interaction!! Can’t wait to see your finished product.

      • I figured you were busy with the b-day :). I put the body part of the suit together and it is too small šŸ˜¦ ! Starting attempt number two right now. The girl who created the tutorial really has no behind to speak of, so that is where our problem arose. I am now going to try modifying a free pattern… Wish me luck (first I need to see if I have enough fabric left!)

      • Oh boy! One of the many joys of sewing! :/ I will have to look more into her process. I only saw the suit and didn’t have a chance to read through her instructions. Hope you get it figured out soon!

  2. Okay, pattern drafted. I’m scared to death because it looks very different from the one on the tutorial. I am chalking that up to Claire having a waist and the girl in the tutorial not having any difference between her rib cage measurement and her waist, and only three inches between her rib cage measurement and her hip measurement. I real concern is ‘will this pattern actually work?’ What do you think??

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  5. Alrighty here is where I am now. Thanks, Jaime, for your quick response to my private message.

    * Machine – I have downloaded manual and will clean and prep tonight (I was on vaca and then had sick kids, so I’m just getting to that now)
    * Ordered pattern – Going with bombshell swimsuit after consulting with Jaime on some of my concerns
    * Ordered fabric – Went with blue random polka dot from girl charlee
    * Need to get the rest of my notions at Jo-Ann’s – planned for this weekend
    In terms of the cups, I will check out what my Jo-Ann’s has but I was also wondering about cannibalizing an existing undergarment.

    I am very much a novice, so I’m excited and scared. And will also probably be a little bit behind the group because of my late start and my lack experience which makes me very very slow.

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