Pinterest Inspired Project

If you’re following me on pinterest, you may have seen me pin this pin. In my everlasting search for organization ideas, I was excited to find this tutorial because I too have lots of diaper and other boxes around the house. I also happen to have a few yards of various home decorating fabric I had purchased a while back to make some pillows…cometofindout the DH doesn’t want lots of pillows on the couch but, never fear – there is always another purpose for fabric!

I’ve been collecting books for me & Mr. T to do some home-preschool in the fall and recently purchased the infamous cube organizer a al Target for a little taming of the books. However, there were several larger books and binders that didn’t quite fit in said cubes. :/

Semi-Organized Cube Organizer…

Seeing as how this is in our living room, I wanted to hide everything as much as possible so I took my tutorial pin and this lovely box:

Box Before

Bought some spray adhesive and fabric glue & voila!

Box After

All those lose too-big books and binders nice and hidden

Just need a few more cube bins and one more transformed box (for visual balance, of course) and we’ll be good to go for the fall! Thanks Pinterest!


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