Nursing Tanks

Even if you don’t sew or plan on nursing a baby any time soon…read on! I promise it’s worth it!

With only 4 weeks to go, my focus has switched from maternity wear to after-delivery essentials. So I went online to search for some easy (EASY) nursing tanks and found this lovely option at the I Make Stuff blog.

Is that not adorable?!  Please read Alida’s post to get all the details, but this top can either be purchased in her Etsy store, made for nursing, or simply made to wear for anyone! And while it may look intricate and difficult, the ruffles are actually a fabric (you can purchase here) attached to a RTW tank top!

What I like most about it is the treatment to the tank top underneath.

Again, click the picture to read her whole post with a tutorial

I almost always layer a tank top/camisol under my shirts so I purchased a few at Walmart for a couple bucks each to give this a try. While I’d love to make the ruffled version some day, I think I’ll start with a few basic tanks just to wear under my regular shirts.

What I like about this style of nursing shirt is, when worn underneath another shirt, you can nurse but still have your mid-section covered. And what new mom doesn’t want to keep that area covered?!

So a big thanks to Alida for posting this and please be sure to go give her blog and etsy store some love!


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