Birthday Quilts and Wedding Presents

In my last post, I mentioned that my cousin Jason got married this past may. Well back in March, we had a 70th birthday party for my grandma and it gave us the chance to meet his fiance, Eleanor! Since I like to make presents when I can, I was excited to get to chat with her to learn her likes/dislikes and get a sense of her style. We quickly found out we had some mutual favorites – Anthropologie for one. She expressed she liked the charm of home made, imperfect & mismatched pottery and linens. So even though she wasn’t registered at Anthropologie, I decided it was essential to order something from their website for her and see what I could make to coordinate (especially after my cousin – such a man – ranted about the pottery looking like a kindergartener made it. Really, so clueless! šŸ˜‰ What an opportunity to make a fellow Anthropologie lover happy and annoy your cousin and childhood friend! lol).

So I found this ceramic milk jug, which is really a set of stackable measuring cups and set out to make some kitchen accessories. Here’s what I came up with…

The Whole Set

Heart Shaped Hot Pads

Hand Towels

I hope they (ok, she) will enjoy them!

Now, before leaving this post, I have to mention that one of my biggest projects this year was due to my Grandma’s 70th birthday! My grandma’s family is from Kansas so when I thought of what to get her for her birthday, I went online and found the Kansas Star quilt block and planned to work something up – maybe lap size. Well, my mom also had an idea…a signature quilt. So we combined ideas and sent out squares with the invitations and received 36 of them back! Needless to say, my “lap quilt” idea was greatly expanded!! haha. Here are some pictures of my grandma and I in front of the quilt at her birthday and some close-ups.

Happy Birthday Grams!

Quilted by Lynn Douglass (