Spring Weddings Maternity Dress

6001We were so excited to find out my Cousin Jason and my husband’s long-time friend Jason (not the same person, despite the sharing of names) were getting married this last May and June, respectively. Both wedding colors were orange and blue and my husband was a groomsman in one of them, so I wanted to make a comfortable dress that coordinated, but didn’t make me look like of of the bridesmaids either! I found a summery knit print on fabric.com (LOVE them!) and got it just in time to make my dress.

I chose a New Look pattern, 6001, which isn’t a maternity pattern, but lent itself very easily to what I needed. The only alteration I made was to add 1″ (to make 2″) on the center fold of the skirt, just.in.case. I probably didn’t need it but it didn’t hurt either! I also made a slip for underneath since the knit was very thin. Here are some pics of the dress in action.

(Right to left) My sister, Mom and Me!

Hubby and me

So Congrats to Jason & Eleanor and Jason & Jovina! Thanks for the opportunity to make and sport a new dress!


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