Back To It

Wow – is it already the end of November?! Potty training is still going on and has pretty much been taking up all my time. But TMI, I know. It’s time to get back to it!

I finished the tiny baby booties on a larger needle for the baby shower. Consequently, I did not get any pictures. I love how quickly they knit up, but I definitely need some work on my seaming. I imagine that’s pretty common for a beginner, but I especially wished it had been better when the recipient mentioned she’d been knitting for years! lol! I hadn’t known that ahead of time.  The original needle I used was a 3.25mm. The “larger needle” I used was a 4mm and while there wasn’t a HUGE visual difference, maybe a centimeter longer, they were a bit more stretchy. Consequently, I felt better about the chances of them fitting new, sweet little footsies. 🙂 I am working to finish the 2nd miniature bootie so I can donate them. I will be sure to capture a picture before they find a new home!

Part of the reason I haven’t had a chance to blog is that some of the things I’m working on are Christmas presents! Therefore, I can’t really post too much about them. One I can, kinda-sorta, is my sister’s Tooley Owl, since she helped pick out the pattern. Here’s a picture of the design:

Tooley OwlIsn’t he cute!

If your name is not Heather H, you can click here to see my version of it – it’s my sneaky way of showing you without showing her (Don’t look, sister! – no, really!). I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and I hope I have the stick-to-itedness to make myself one too!

On my lunches, I am glad to report that I’m back to working on Lady Grey. I’ve hand stitched the interfacing down on both side front pieces and started one of the front pieces. I find that hand-sewing on my lunch hour is perfect because just when my neck and shoulders are starting to hurt, it’s time to stop! 🙂 I really hope I can get a quicker pace going soon, but as I’m writing this I remember that I still have pad stitching to do on the lapel…and then I’ll have to revisit it on the collar. It will go quicker than I think, right?!  [Insert Encouragement here] haha! Over the Thanksgiving break, I got to take the front pieces to my machine and sew up the princess seam, but now it’s back to attaching the interfacing to the front piece and the pad stitching. I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can…

I really want to make some progress on this to wear it for Christmas, but I don’t think that will happen…I also need to make a new car seat cover for my step sister by January. She has 2 boys and is having their very first girl, so that calls for something frilly and cute. I bought some hot pink minky and a Michael Miller butterfly print:


Wings of Peace

I get to deconstruct the original seat cover to make this one, which is really so quick and easy. I hope it goes as easy as planned (oh no! Famous last words!). 🙂


4 thoughts on “Back To It

  1. yeah, lady grey is looking great!! I’m not sure why, but the whole project has been not as inviting as I imagined. I can really relate to the need to psyche yourself up!

    I’m just up to peicing together the front. I’m a bit concerned because I can’t get my hands on horse hair (I think it would involve a trip to London) so I think I’m planning on just using fusible interfacing as teh pattern recomends. It kind of defeats the purpose of teh sew along and learning tailoring techniques, but right now, I just need it finished, because it’s pretty cold!! I know it will look a bit floppier, but I don’t think ‘sew a holic’ used horse hair lining and I quiet like the look. Any thoughts on this??

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