Knitty News

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the easy portability of knitting! This weekend we have been doing potty training boot camp with Mr. T and it’s been EXHAUSTING! So, when he went down for his naps or for bed time, I didn’t really want to pull out a whole sewing project like I normally do, but still wanted to do something I enjoyed. So, I ended up finishing my scarf (for details, see my Ravelry entry here)…

Before weaving in the ends...

AND starting some baby booties (Also on Ravelry here)


Teeny Tiny baby booties

The only thing is, they’re T-I-N-Y. I knew this as a possibility going into it only I wish I would have read the review before purchasing my needles. A few said just one needle size up made them more reasonably sized. You can’t really see how small they are here, but when I finish the second one, I’ll put something in the picture to show you – they are take-home-from-the-hospital booties, and not for much longer after that. That’s okay though. One took me just over a nap time session so one more and they’re done…and they added some experience to my knitting repitoire, what with the toe shaping and k2tog’s etc. I know from the picture my increases near the bottom are pretty obvious but you have to start somewhere, right? Looking forward to picking my Lady Grey back up this week during my lunch hours. Once again, it’s still in the mid 80’s here. Saturday it was 91!!!

One thought on “Knitty News

  1. Hey look at you go with the knitting! it looks fantastic. i know what you mean about the portability- it’s really a huge draw card. we are pretty much twinning in crafty activities at the moment i think- i’ve been knitting too, and suprise suprise, not doing lady grey.

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