Sewing Day Results and Bound Buttonholes

I’m so excited to pass on to you this photo of Haley, the youngest member of our sewing day, in her finished skirt!

Didn’t she do an amazing job!?!

I only had one sewing session this weekend, but I got all my Lady Grey wool pieces serged and managed to practice the bound buttonhole:

I really love this style of buttonhole. I’ve made them before, but I was very glad I made a trial run for this project because I used too small a stitch to sew the “lips” together and ended up shredding the edge of one while trying to unstitch the opening. On the real thing, I’ll make extra sure to use a larger basting stitch and take more care when unstitching!  This week, I get to sew at work! I’ll be making curtains for one of the offices, but on my lunch I’ll be trying to get my real bound buttonholes done and stitch the interfacing in my front panels. I”m anxious to get this thing moving!

Just for fun, check out the pumpkins our family carved this year! I’ll post pictures of T in his costume later this week. Happy Halloween!

Andy's Owl, Tyler's Smiley Face and My Kitty Cat



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