My favorite firefighter

I am SO excited to be able to rip one of the papers off my book ring this weekend! The firetruck jammies are DONE and when I showed them to my son, he immediately wanted to put them on, so of course, mom couldn’t be happier.

The proud owner of new firetruck jammies

Not surprising, the shirt is too wide and too short and the crotch is ridiculously too long (why are kids patterns like that!?!?!?!). Knowing this is the case, you might wonder why I didn’t adjust for it…forgetfulness? laziness? hoping I was wrong? Not sure. But this is definitely wearable! I’ll be sure to make note of these needed changes for next time.

I’m a little overwhelmed at my Lady Grey. I find alterations the most frustrating because it seems that I work hard to get things perfect and it’s almost too much? Or not quite right somehow? I think I’ll post more pics and questions of flickr and let you know what I figure out. I’ll definitely be working on it on my lunch hours this week.


5 thoughts on “My favorite firefighter

  1. Aww… so cute!

    I know the feeling of wanting to get a muslin super-perfect, but at some point you have to move on to the real thing! You can only fine-tune the fit so much on a muslin. What kinds of things are you trying to fix?

    • Mostly the back. I know I have to fix some minor lapel gaping nut the center back is slightly baggy and then where the sleeve joins the coat in the back (by the princess seams) there’s some bunching & so I pinned the sleeve a little deeper in the back to take up some of the excess & then it felt too tight. With your advice, I may just make the lapel alteration & work out the minor issues in the back on the real thing…?

  2. I hear you about the way kids patterns are cut! I just made Luke’s soldier costume for Halloween, and based on his measurements compared to their size chart, I redrew the pattern narrower and it turned out quite well. However, I wasn’t expecting the “ridiculously long crotch” issue, so that was still a little weird, but still wearable. 🙂 I don’t know how to redraw that part of the pattern though – I’ll have to bust out my pattern alteration text if I sew pants for Luke again. 🙂

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