The Return of Lady Grey

Now that T’s costume is done, I’ve been able to return to work on my Lady Grey. Though desperately behind on the sew-a-long, I find it to actually be a blessing because I can see all the issues I may face in the future and be more prepared for them. In other words, the other participants are paving the way! As mentioned before, because of the simplicity of the jacket design (by that I mean the princess seams, which in my experience are pretty easy to fit), I wondered why a muslin was necessary. However many participants had issues relating to the waist length, gaping lapel, lapel/collar size and more. So, fearing what I might encounter, I sewed up the main body of my muslin only to be pleasantly surprised! So far, the only thing I see is the gaping lapel! I might also want to add a little room in the waist to make room for winter layers but that’s about it! I posted the pictures below to the Lady Grey flickr group to make sure I’m not missing anything. What do you think? And is the length okay on me? (click the photos for a closer view)

I know adding the sleeves and collar might bring it’s own challenges, but that will take another lunch time sewing session or two. I’m anxious to get to the more exciting part – sewing up the actual jacket – but I know these steps are crucial for a good result!


One thought on “The Return of Lady Grey

  1. fit well, i would play with the collar. As of now, the collar looks ok but i am wondering if you shrink it a little it may fit your frame better? just a thought. I am also very behind, I am done with the muslin but have been so busy at work that i haven’t got to it yet

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