I should never have cleaned…

Generously enough, the little man has passed on his head cold to me. And boy, is it fun! (not) After taking the day off from all things sewing (except for a few rows of knitting) on Saturday, my type-A personality forced me into the sewing room Sunday afternoon to finish the buttons/buttonholes on lil T’s Woody costume. Then I put it all together to snap a few pre-wearing photos.

I couldn’t be more excited! On the boots front, we tried to get him to try them on, but he acted as though we were attempting to murder him. So, as I’ve heard from other moms to do, I just set them out near his room for him to “discover” on his own. Everything’s always better we think it’s our own idea, right? So last night he found his Woody hat and then determined that (of course) he had to have some boots! He went and grabbed them and asked us to help him put them on and then walked around the house with them on for quite a while. Here are some pictures I snapped on my iPhone (hence, they’re a little fuzzy):


He even greeted me with them on when I came out of the bathroom from my shower this morning. haha. So I’m hoping that means he’ll be okay with wearing them on the 31st. Thanks to Mary for lending us your well-loved boots.

After I finished his costume, I got a wild hair to clean up my sewing room and inventory my projects (which I should not have done while sick – I’m paying for it today!). I even created these cute little project sheets with this thought in mind…A list is not “editable” enough for me. If you mark on it or try to rearrange items on your list, it gets ugly and you have to write a new one (ok, maybe it’s just me). With the sheets, I can take them down, rearrange them, get rid of a project or two along the way or *gasp* add to the list while still keeping it pretty. So – I filled out these forms for each project, punched a hole in the top, placed them in an order somewhat relating to how I’d like to finish them and ran a book ring through them. I hung it on the pole that comes up from my industrial sewing machine table and then had another thought. “Gosh, I could not buy anything for a year!” Stay with me here, I know this is drastic but I’ve seen many Self Stitch September participants carry on after the month ended with the same thought. So here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Buy no more sewing projects until I finish what I have.
  • Reward said non-purchasing of sewing projects with small, achievable knitting projects so long as I finish as I go and do not stash up on yarn. See, people I know who go on successful diets give themselves “no-rules weekends” or treats for successes so I feel this might be the key to keep me on the wagon, so to say.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m not going to forecast this going perfectly, but my main goal is to destash, finally finish some projects I’ve intended to do for a long time, and clear out some space for that inspiration I’m looking for (see my home page for explanation). See you soon!


5 thoughts on “I should never have cleaned…

  1. I am totally stealing your project sheet. So cute and super useful! I have most of my WIPs and UFOs and future projects shoved in a drawer with a scratched out list somewhere on my sewing table…totally cluttered chaos.

  2. The costume looks cute! And I’m kind of chuckling about the not buying new things rule– I’m also (slowly) in the process of using up stash and was trying to stick to using up 2 pieces from my stash for every 1 I bought for awhile. I haven’t really been keeping track, but due to having to keep buying pieces to go with other things and such, I think I’m a bit behind!

    I like the project sheet– I may have to steal that as well.

  3. Great costume! So cute!

    I like the project sheet.. but I also change my mind a lot, so a bulletin board works well for me. I can move things around and pin little swatches of fabric to it. Whatever works for you! At the very least, it gives you peace of mind 🙂

    • I have a very small bulletin board I need to paint the edges to match my sewing room. I’ve thought to use that as an inspiration board…so many good uses for it! 🙂

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