Owls & Costumes, Oh my!

Well, the sewing-T’s-costume-on-my-lunch plan is working. I just have the sleeves to add and I’m done! Finito! And early, I might add.

Thanks to my friend at Rebecca’s Rags for submitting this idea after I posted the project sans sleeves on Facebook: “you could leave it sleeveless and he could be ‘Bakersfield Woody’;)” LOL. I think I’ll move toward finishing it, thankyouverymuch! HA! I have a flash in my mind about seeking out some kind of tutorial to help me make cowboy boot-looking shoe covers because I’m not sure the size 12 boots we’re borrowing will work (but haven’t tried them yet!) and I dont’ really want to buy any, but we’ll see. Step #1 would be to try on the boots! (duh!)

I’m making great progress on my scarf:

You may have heard, I restarted it one last time (yes that makes 5!). Even then, it took me a few rows to ge the slipped selvage just right but I’m going to live with the first few rows of imperfection! lol. I love being able to work on it a little here and a little there and I love that there’s no deadline, though I have picked out my next project.

2 years ago I posted here about a crocheted cat I made for my sister when I was about 8 or 9. I decided that since I’ve taken to yarn again, that I needed to make her a sequel to the cat. We both love owls, and in fact I made her an owl christmas ornament last year (Pattern Here). So I set out to find an owl pattern on ravelry. The first one I found was Asma Owl.  He’s perfect & I love him, but come to find out, he’s knit on double-pointed needles in the round. Seeing as how I just started figuring this knitting thing out, I decided that might be biting off more than I could chew so I set out to look for another owl. 🙂 Tooley Owl was my next find and the one my sister chose. Maybe after a year of knitting, I will try my hand at Asma Owl for next Christmas, but for now, Tooley is knit on straight needles and the pattern is written for beginners so that’s the one for the present!

What are you working on?


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