Sewing Day

Thanks to all my friends who came to sewing day this last Saturday! We had some old friends come and some new friends (one of which really impressed me – Hailey aged 12!). If you can believe it, we didn’t take a single picture! FOR SHAME! Though none of us really finished, everyone made really good progress on their projects.

  • Malissa started her first-ever knit garment
  • Hailey worked on a super cute elastic waist skirt
  • Melissa got all the prep work done and some stitching on her first sewing project (the A-plus A-line skirt from
  • Diane finished some snuggle baby blankets
  • Emily used my serger to finally hem up her curtain sheers and also got some fusing done on a quilt she’s working on.
  • Leta Mae came to work on a shirt she’s made several times
  • I worked on my little guy’s costume (Woody from Toy Story) and ended up finishing his vest (Orlando from Burdastyle) and bandana:

Woody's bandana and vest

Thanks to my good friend Mary for recommending I line the vest in black so that later he can dress up as Han Solo!! This afternoon I got started on Woody’s shirt (Kwik Sew 3146):

I think I will take this to work on during my lunch hour tomorrow. I’m really happy at what I’ve finished on it so far, but the sooner I get this done, the quicker I can get back to Lady Grey! haha What about you? Are you making costumes this year? Have you done so in the past? What was the best one you’ve made or worn handmade? Can’t wait to hear your answers!

2 thoughts on “Sewing Day

  1. Oh I am sooooo far behind this year! I hate to say it, but I think I have way too much work on my table to be able to make my toddler’s costume this year. I know – for shame! We’re going to have to make time to at least shop for her costume.

  2. I’m making Luke a soldier costume out of woodland green digital camouflage fabric. It’s basically just a collared shirt and elastic waist pants out of that fabric with an army patch on the pocket and a purchased helmet. There was a pattern intended for being a soldier from Simplicity, but they were all sold out when they were 99 cents a few weeks ago. So, this last weekend I found a comparable pattern from McCalls, which had a 99 cents sale. 🙂 I redrew the pattern a bit to make it skinnier, and got all the pieces cut out yesterday, but haven’t actually sewn anything yet. My free time has been cut back drastically with a newborn in the house! I’m really hoping it fits him!

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