SSS Day 28

Well, I am spoiled. After a 4 day weekend, I come back to work for an hour and then off to MOPS! So fun! If you are a mommy of preschoolers and are not in a MOPS groups – find one! They are an absolute lifesaver and a great (kid-free) time with wonderful mom friends. Here I am with my Table Mom Kara in my self-stitched brown knit cami, self-stitched satiny floral dress and rtw sweater from forever ago.

She has two little boys – isn’t she cute!? Last year I was a Table Group Leader and she was at my table and so it’s fun this year that the “tables” have turned (haha)! 

Only 2 more Self-Stitched days to go! I can’t wait to have a larger wardrobe to choose from. It’s not so much the quantity of clothing items because I feel like I’ve been able to mix it up a bit (though I could use a few more tops), but I’m missing certain items that I realize have become staples of my wardrobe. Also, not everything I made was weather-appropriate. It’s been a lot warmer than I expected. Day before yesterday was over 100 degrees! So something that is usually a staple, like the denim button up, has just too much fabric around the neck to be practical in such heat. When you have your full wardrobe available to you, you can easily adjust for that. Anyway, thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!


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