SSS Days 24, 25 & 26 I’m tired! I’m just sitting down to write this after 4 days at Shaver Lake, unpacking, putting the house somewhat back together since the new floors were laid, bath for lil T and some laundry. But alas, I am way behind in reporting my SSS progress! So here’s the update.

Day 24 was our driving day. When I arrived at my mom’s to pack everything up, I was greeted by my sister and mom – both wearing brown. I guess we’re related! Here we are at the Black Bear Diner in Tulare (but there are locations all over – you should check them out!) I’m wearing a self stitched brown knit camisole, my self-stitched Anita Jeans and an Old Navy tank underneath.

Sister, Bear, Mom, Me

The next day was boat day and I could hardly wait to wear my newly stitched Hot Patterns Swimsuit Cover Up, over which I have my self-stitched “Roxy” swimsuit (which I would link to at my burdastyle page if the site wasn’t down at the time of this writing, so you’ll just have to believe me).


We fished (but caught nothing!!!!), went intertubing (but the boat was a little slow) and overall just had some fun.

Day 26 was a lazy day with no real plans, but then again when you have a 2 1/2 year old, you can’t just be lazy, now can you? So we spent the morning down at the lake letting him throw rocks in the water, build sand castles, otherwise fill up his bucket with mud, etc. Hubby tried one last ditch effort at fishing, but still…no fish. Speaking of lazy, I was only half self stitched that day – my One Piece Kimono Top and RTW shorts from a couple years ago.

Poor dude in the lifejacket - could hardly move, but never complained! lol

Now here’s where I fail you completely. If you notice, there’s no “27” in the title of this post. This was “drive home” day and while I started out the day in my SS modified Lydia (seen in previous posts), and rtw jeans (it was actually chilly when we left Shaver that morning), it was 102 when we got back to town! 1.0.2. Unbelievable! So I changed after unpacking the car because, well, it wasn’t pretty. And consequently I do not have a picture. So day 27 will go down in Self-Stitched September History as a half self stitched outfit, worn for half of the day, of which we have no picture. haha.

So to make it up to you, I’m going to share with you this picture of my Self-Stitched Junior Homecoming dress found yesterday while cleaning – a satin & chiffon empire a-line little number. Look how young I look!!! AH!

Jr. Homecoming, baby!

So I hope your weekend was super too. I’m back to work today – a routine I welcome after such a crazy weekend. See you tomorrow!


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