SSS Day 23

It’s a pants type of week I guess. I started to wear a skirt yesterday, but it just wasn’t feeling it. haha. So here’s the A&O linen blend pants again, a black camisole I refashioned from a $2 t-shirt and a store-bought cropped sweater.

SSS Day 23

I had a question on my flickr postings of my Lady Grey muslin yesterday and I thought I’d share. Someone asked what the white material was on top of my fabric.

Marking for 1" seams and cutting on the chalk line...

That is Pattern Tracing Cloth I got at Hancock’s Fabrics (click the image below for a direct link). It is a really lightweight, non-woven, interfacing-type material that is perfect for tracing your patterns. It won’t tear and has a 1″ dot grid that helps you line up grain lines, etc. It’s pretty inexpensive ($1.79/yd) so my only complaint is that it’s only 37″ wide, which actually wasn’t that bad when it came down to it. I can fold it up in a pattern envelope and it doesn’t crease like paper and it’s not bulky. Pellon has a TrueGrid very similar to it. It’s 45″ wide and Hancock’s has it for $2.99/yd.

Click image to see it on the Hancock's website

Do those of you who trace your patterns have a favorite paper/material you use for such purposes? I’d love to know all the methods out there!! I dont’ always trace my patterns, but when I do, I end up doing something different based on if I want to leave my house or not. haha. I was not able to work on my muslin as planned yesterday. I had an emergency (ok, not quite that dramatic) shopping trip I had to take on my lunch hour. And really, when it’s between shopping and sewing, who can choose?! 🙂

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