SSS Day 21 & More!

So here we go – 5 more things you may not know about me…

6. I enjoy target shooting – Yes, I remember plinking away at paper targets with my dad from the time I was about 10 years old. He let me shoot “my gun”, a little .22 revolver and I loved it. I didn’t do much shooting for a while in highschool & college, but when I met my husband, he re-introduced it to me and we’ll go target shooting sometimes as a part of our “date night” just for fun – as something to do together.

7. I would like to try farming – In a very small sense. By that I mean, I’d love to have some land to stretch out upon, expand my garden and get some chickens and other animals and be as self-reliant as possible. Now, I’m a city girl and I always have been, but I’ve been influenced by living in the central valley of California where agriculture is a main industry. In light of my city-ness, I make sure and emphasize “try” because if I actually got the chance to really do it, I recognize that I may not like it as much as I’ve romanticized it to be in my head! (Have I mentioned I don’t like bugs all that much?! lol). I don’t know how to do a lot but I’d like to try to learn a bit.  


8. I love to go roller skating and I’m pretty good at it! – Growing up, my friend and I would spend a lot of time at the roller rink and when I wasn’t there, I was skating back and forth between my house and my grandparent’s house 4 houses down the street. A year or two ago, my MOPS (Mother of PreschoolerS) group did a girls night out at the roller rink and I surprised them all with my mad skating skills. hahaha. I’m just not very good backwards yet…

9. My Starbucks addiction has been replaced with Folgers coffee and Coffeemate’s Creme Brule Creamer – Seriously – I don’t want anything else. If they ever discontinue this creamer, I AM IN TROUBLE! (Maybe I should consider stockpiling? hahaha) And yes, Folgers. I know it may seem sacrilegious to you Starbucks diehards out there, but I can brew a strong cup of Folgers and it doesn’t hurt my tummy! If I buy a cup of Starbucks from their stores, I’m okay, but I could never seem to brew it at home to my liking.



10. I drink most everything from a straw – Okay, I’m really grasping for this last one, but #9 reminded me of it. Even my coffee, hot coffee, I drink with a straw. About the only thing I dont’ drink from a straw is water. It all stems from my cousin, when I was little, had braces and didn’t take very good care of her teeth while wearing them. When she got them off, her teeth were stained and it must have had quite an impact on me because when I got my braces, I started drinking everything through a straw and by the time I got them off, 3 1/2 years later it was a habit!

So there you have it! And now it’s my turn to nominate 5 others for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

Now…on to Self Stitched September Day 21. I must admit, my resolve is wearing down, especially with our house in disarray while the beautiful new floor is being installed. To get to my closet, I have to shimmy around to the side of my t.v. armoire, shut my bedroom door, and then shimmy behind it! lol. So today, this is what I managed to grab: my ss Anita Jeans, my ss black knit cardigan and two layered tank tops from Old Navy.

SSS Day 21

Have a great day & see you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “SSS Day 21 & More!

  1. I want to go target shooting on date night! Not a thing you can do easily here in Canada… I used to shoot 22’s when I was in cadets and loved it! So satisfying.. making tidy little holes through the centre of the target 🙂
    Looking great – you’re doing wonderfully at SSS! Jeans and all!

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