SSS Day 20 & more!

I was so thrilled to find out a few days ago that one of my favorite new blogs to follow, Sewaholic, was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award and, the icing on the cake – Tasia chose me as one of her 5 nominations! How incredible is that!?    



So part of the gig is that you must post 10 things people might not know about you. For the sake of post-length, I will break it up into two sessions. So here goes with the first 5…  

1. I was a skateboarder in Jr. High/Early High School – Yes, in between 7th & 8th grade, our family moved from the central valley of California a wee bit south and east to a small mountain community just north of Los Angeles. Here I was nervous because in my head, rural mountain community = cowboys. I was not excited about that. Come to find out, the first few people I met were some guys on skateboards! They convinced me to buy a skateboard and try to learn and before I even walked in the door to my new Jr. High school, I was known by some as “the girl with the airwalks.”

They were probably something like this…


2. I was in Advance Placement English Classes all through High School – You wouldn’t know it by my lazy writing style now, but at the end of my 8th grade year I was begging my English teacher to refer me to the AP classes. She laughed (who can blame her, right? Could I have been any more nerdy?! lol) and said of course. And I loved it. I love writing papers – you know the ones where you gather sources and quote and cite them and tie it all together…intro paragraph, make points, concluding paragraph! Beautiful! I would rather write 10 papers than take a multiple choice test.  Our senior year, we have a 10 page paper due every 2 weeks and one 20 page paper due each semester. It was grueling, but in a good way – I really enjoyed it. (Look at that awful paragraph! What has blogging/social networking done to our punctuation and proper english? haha)  

3. I also took 3 1/2 years of French in High School…but can’t speak it! – Oui, oui! Pourquoi, in California, I chose French over Spanish, I can’t really say except that I wanted to! However, I venture to say that if I had taken Spanish, I would probably still be able to speak it to this day as I would have used it more often (Don’t meet many French people here!). BUT, then I wouldn’t have participated in some traveling, which leads to my next point…  

4. I’ve been to more countries than states – Starting in my teenage years, I’ve traveled to Italy, Switzerland, France, England (twice), The Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, & Israel. Some of this I did as a part of my French Class (not that it was included as part of the class, but the teacher who taught French offered the opportunity for travel) and some was done in college. As far as states, I’ve only been to Washington State, through Oregon in the middle of the night so it doesn’t count, Nevada, and through Utah (doesn’t count! lol) on the way to Colorado. I’ve been to 4 corners, but that hardly qualifies as visiting Arizona and New Mexico and to the Newark airport on my way to the aforementioned countries. I would love to see all of the states, specifically Idaho and I’ve always wanted to see Texas. In fact, for our 10 year anniversary, instead of going somewhere exotic, I want to do a road trip! We’ll see what actually gets planned…lol.    


5. I started teaching myself to sew as a teenager – I had always been crafty, but got a bug the summer between my sophomore and junior year to learn to sew. I started making shift dresses from quilting cotton – they were a mess! This was before my pear-shape awareness so they were loose up top and tight through the hips and I don’t know why, but that didn’t deter me. I made the homecoming court my junior year and decided to make my dress – a royal blue satin empire waist a-line with chiffon sleeves. The fit was still a little funky, but it was wearable. I loved that I had made it but was also secretly very self-conscious about it. One of the insights I’ve gained through SSS is that I’m passed my awkward sewing stage. It’s given me a lot more confidence in my current sewing skill set!

Speaking of Self-Stitched September, here is yesterday’s outfit – with something you haven’t seen yet! My Bird Jacket. My bird jacket is a result of a recent obsession with yellow & gray. People either love it or think it’s bizarre, but that’s okay. I like it. lol.  


I really love the style (Simplicity 3538) and should probably make it again in a less flashy fabric, but as it is, I just wear it on my more confident days and have fun with it! We needed some sunshiney yellow today anyway – look at this big menacing cloud rolling in!  

Isn't It Beautiful?!

The clouds only lasted for the morning, but still… On my lunch, I was able to make GOOD progress on my swimsuit cover up. I’m worried it might be too big, but it does have a tie waist just under the bustline so I think it’s supposed to be loose and comfy otherwise. I just need to get the facing in and hem the bottom and sleeves. Then I’m hoping to get some stitches in on my Lady Grey muslin! You should see what progress the other sew-a-longers are making – check out the flickr group!See you tomorrow with the other 5 things you might not know about me and my 21st Self stitched outfit! 


7 thoughts on “SSS Day 20 & more!

  1. Oh wow, I can totally picture you as a cool skater chick now! I was in AP English too.. at my school, the AP class also met at 7am before actual school started for extra practice. And I loved it! I also enjoyed the tidy process of writing a paper and crafting words into lovely precise sentences. (Though it is kind of liberating being able to write freely now!)
    Look forward to reading the next five things about you!

  2. Our school didn’t have AP anything, but I was the editor of our high school newspaper my freshman through senior year (that’s the last 4 years of high school, for non-US-school-system readers!!) Talk about super-geek!! I fancied myself a freedom-writer. Oh, the persecution a small-town teeneager suffers. Way too much John Hughes watching in middle school…

    I have ALSO BEEN OBSESSED WITH YELLOW AND GREY! I’m so glad you are too! And I LOVE your bird coat – I saw the picture the other day! (yesterday??) I just stocked up on some grey tights to wear with yellow. I think what got me going was a skirt in the fall Louis Vuitton line that was so vintagey! Yay! (link!;slide=0😉 I’d love to find some fabric like that for a coat. Just what I need. Another coat project in the works!

    Also – we just went on our honeymoon – we live in MN and roadtripped through the black hills, then we went to Missoula (for a marathon. my husband is a running-nerd) and then up to glaciar national park – you should TOTALLY go through Idaho up to glacier!! (you’re in CA, right?) It was a completely awesome trip!

    • I LOVE-Adore-gush over that skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Where can I find some fabric like that?! Thanks for the link and glad there are other yellow&grey fans out there!!

      Yes, we are in CA so I will use your recommendation as more evidence to convince my husband it will be a great trip! Though I think he’s on board anyway… 🙂

      Thanks for reading & commenting!!

  3. I can relate to the paper-writing– I always enjoyed doing that, too! I loved the researching, the paper-writing….actually, everything except the opening/concluding paragraphs and the title! Those were always a lot harder for some reason.

  4. i was an a student in english too. we didn’t have english extension classes unfortunately, i would have loved them too. not sure where of those skills have gone though!!

    hah! i’ve had pear shaped revelations too, but only in the last year or so. it’s good stuff to know though i reckon and has really helped in my limited sewing experience.

  5. Confession: sometimes when I read your blog I think of the skateboarding, airwalking-shoe-wearer I knew you to be. And then I think about the home ec girl at Master’s that made me want to go to Master’s cause I felt more like her than all the other girl-y girls, and I saw how in love with the Lord she was. And now I read your blog want to be more and more of a sewing-machine like you!

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