SSS Day 19

Yesterday was a busy day again! AH! We taught Sunday School in the morning and after dropping little T off at Grandma’s house, I ran home to be the runner for the boys laying new floors. I went to Home Depot, to Lowe’s, to Rite Aid and to Sam’s Club! Then took a nap – so not fair to the boys, but hey – I was tired! So for comfort’s sake, I wore RTW Jeans (My Anitas needed a wash!) and this shirt based off of Lydia from Burdastyle. I lengthened it, shortened the sleeves, added the rib knit to the sleeves and bottom and adjusted the neckline.


I did absolutely NO sewing. Which is okay. I’ll just bring my machine and such to work with me this week and try to finish my swimsuit cover up and maybe, if I’m lucky, start on sewing up my Lady Grey Muslin. What are you working on?

4 thoughts on “SSS Day 19

  1. I love this shirt!! I have no idea how to sew stretch and am going to have to pick your brains about it at some point because I have decided on a whole year of no new clothes buying, after challenge from my husband- long story.
    Which jeans pattern do you find comfier? I have (ehem) grown out of one set of jeans and am going to need to sew a new pair-yikes.

    • I have a wonderful serger/overlock machine that makes sewing knits a no brainer, but there are typically stitches on a regular sewing machine designed for knit/stretch fabrics. (See this picture, the stitches in the bottom box are stretch stitches). One great thing about knits is that they do not ravel, so while it’s niced to have them encased in stiching like RTW clothing, it’s not a nececity. Lydia or Sadie on are good patterns to start with as they are super basic tees. Built By Wendy puts out a book about sewing knits. I’ve only read her first Sew U book, but I loved her style of writing on the topic, so I imagine her knit book would be just as informative, plus it includes patterns to try. I was able to rent it at my local library, so if you don’t want to invest in it completely or see it before you buy, that might be a good idea.

      I have only made the Anita Jeans from and I did major style alterations – converting them from a skinny jean to a boot leg, plus fit alterations. They are great and feel like my RTW jeans. A LOT of people love and make the jean with stretch denim and have great results. I want to buy that pattern, but I haven’t yet.

  2. Thankyou so much for excellent advice!! Will definately check out the Lydia, Sadie and Jailie patterns. I am really keen to buy the Built By Wendy book and my husband has talked about getting it for me as an early birthday present- lots of people seem to find it v. handy. Heh, our library is pretty basic here, I don’t think they’ve bought new sewing books for a fair while.
    Hey, what exactly does RTW mean? I’m an OT, and I would be thinking it meant return to work???

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