SSS Day 17

Yesterday was a very exciting day. My husband started laying laminate wood flooring in our main living areas!! We have been wanting to do this for a few years now and I’m beyond thrilled that the day has finally come! (Thanks for all your hard work, hubby!!)

Alas, I had to go to work (which was probably a good thing for him – no loudmouth project manager to bug him), but once again, it was casual day! YAY! And this time I had jeans to wear. Here I am in my Spring (non) Ruffle Top (with a RTW blue shirt underneath) and my Anita Jeans (burdastyle).

SSS Day 17

On my lunch hour, I finished transfering my Lady Grey pattern and started to cut out my muslin. I doubt I’ll have time to sew it together this weekend. Saturday there is a big event at the church I work at so I will be gone most of the day and Sunday I hope to make my swim suit cover up and a project for a friend. I suppose it depends on how far along the floor-laying has come too. That means sewing next week on my lunches at work, but that’s completely workable too!


3 thoughts on “SSS Day 17

  1. awesome shirt! ok, I’m really freaking out about Lady Grey Sew Along. You’re great getting a start on your muslin. I am just not that well prepared I’m afraid! I’m so glad to hear what you’re up to because it is kicking me into action!!
    Good luck with your week and big event at church.

    • I’m glad I can motivate you! hahaha. I wrote this post before the day ended and in reality got all but 2 pieces cut of the lady grey muslin. If I don’t get it stitched together this week on my lunches, I will be behind because I don’t think I’ll have any sewing time next weekend at all! EEK! But at least we still have the blog posts to follow at our own pace if things like that should happen. Can’t wait to see you progress!

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