SSS Day 16

So I wondered aloud to you in the last post about what route I was going to take with the Lady Grey sew-a-long: Go easy or add in all the tailoring techniques and subsequent supplies. Well, in typical type A personality form, I have now ordered all the necessary and optional supplies to take the tailoring route. (I just have to be an A+ student!) I got most everything at Sew True and the Silk Organza at this ebay store. I figured it’s been a looooong time since college when I studied a bit of tailoring so I’ll jump at the chance to learn the right way to do things, especially with someone so graciously willing to lead the way! I feel a little overwhelmed at the suggested method for making a muslin, but I know it will produce a great result so I will give it a go!

Now, back to self-stitched September! Thanks to Mary for encouraging me to stick to exclusively self-stitched items. If I had some more time to sew, it would definitely help, but as it is, my next two weekends are booked so just be prepared to see mostly repeats the rest of the month in different combinations. Yesterday was no exception:

chopped off at the knee

  • Alice & Olivia Linen Blend Pants
  • White Cami refashioned from tee
  • Black knit cardigan

Was in a hurry taking the picture and forgot to check to see the camera was backed all the way out…the full shot is blurry, but this one’s better because little T is running around in the background (ha!). Plus, you’ve seen the pants before! 🙂 Seeing as how my palate would be so drab, I did make an additional effort by painting my toes PINK! I meant to wear a colorful necklace but then forgot to grab it – oh well. I sure was comfy yesterday…and as G.I. Joe says, that’s “half the battle” right? (Ok, granted, he wasn’t talking about fashion, but the point stands nonetheless – hahaha). I shall go now before I get any more ridiculous… 🙂


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