SSS Day 13

While looking at the pictures I had taken for yesterday, I couldn’t help but sing a song from my son’s kids song cd, “Let’s all go to the library, we’ll have so much fun!” Someday I’ll remember what music I used to listen to…

Anyway, you’ve seen all this before but not in this combination.


I have to say, these pants are so comfortable and fit just like I want them to. They feel very rtw and are probably my favorite so far…except for my Anita Jeans which you will see in tomorrow’s outfit. I cleaned up my sewing room last night and put some things away. There were projects I was hoping to start for Self Stitched September that I’m setting aside for another time. There are things already cut out that I’m leaving on my work table in hopes of finishing before the end of the month. The problem is that fall is in the air and with the Lady Grey Sew A Long starting up, if I don’t finish them now, it might be next year until i pick them back up again and I really do not want UFO’s floating around my sewing room! (Unfinished Objects, for those of us new to that term…) Also floating around in my mind is my son’s Halloween costume. I have all the fabric and patterns…I just feel an urgency to get with it! Maybe some day I’ll stop doing this to myself, stacking one project upon another….but knowing me, probably not! haha.


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