SSS Day 12

Sunday means we’re teaching Sunday School again, but this time there weren’t eight 2 year old boys. There were 10 boys & girls all at various stages of potty training (or not), which made me terribly nervous! lol. Fortunately there were no accidents! I was quite comfy in my pleated Simplicity 4703 skirt, a ready to wear orange tee and my denim button up (again).

Excuse the dorky pose...what was I doing!? haha

The rest of the afternoon I worked on my Anita Jeans. They are completely finished except for the hardware (Jeans button & rivets). I thought I had a jeans button in my drawer of stuff and actually found one. Then when I found what I thought might be the back of it, I put them together, like a dork, and now cannot get them apart! My husband even tried to use pliers and such and that puppy will.not.come.apart. I wish I had used it because it seems pretty good quality! Hahaha. So I’m thinking a lunch run to the fabric store tomorrow will set me up to be able to wear them on Tuesday – our first MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting of the year! So here’s how they look, sans hardware…



mismatched pockets

pretty waistband

Overall, I feel like I have a great pattern going here. I will most likely make them again with a few alterations:

  • lower overall rise (I know, I should have listened to Juebejue!)
  • move the inseam to the center of my leg somehow. You can see in the “front” picture how far forward it lies.
  • Alter the poket/yoke piece to be half denim, half pocket fabric – it’s just slightly too thick, but I do like how the pocket is sewn into the fly zipper and the side seam – it ain’t goin’ nowhere!
  • See if I can figure out what’s going on in the front, though I think the rise adjustment might help.
  • Pick one back pocket style – The two different pockets were a mistake – all the pieces say “cut 1” so I thought the variation was intentional. After going to look at burdastyle again, I realize they are 2 different options. *insert embarrassed face here* Oh well. We’ll see if anyone (who didn’t read this) notices.

At any rate, these are very wearable so I’m pretty pleased with my first go at it! At minimum, they will have to do for this month! Let me know what you think and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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