SSS Day 11

Well I only made it 8 days from my Day 3 statement of SSS purity before falling off the bandwagon. It all started at 5:15 yesterday morning when I decided to go to the grocery store…since I was up! (Thanks little T, eesh!)I needed to make it home by 7 for hubby to go to the gym, so I decided to shower after shopping. (I know, tmi!). Loudly declaring to my husband that SSS didn’t start until after I showered, I threw on some rtw clothing, most key to the story were my jeans. Oh, how I missed them, how they fit so comfortably and soothed an up-to-early mommy who hadn’t seen her jeans in at least 11 days! So when I made it home, unpacked the groceries and hopped in the shower, all I wanted to do was put on some jeans…& i did. So, though I did make some great strides on my self-stitched jeans yesterday afternoon, I am not wearing them in this picture. Instead, what you see is

  • Old Navy Jeans
  • My Chocolate Bias-Cut Cami (very loosely based on Simplicity 9264, but mostly self-drafted) from rayon Challis
  • A self-drafted knit shrug/cropped cardi

only half self-stitched

I REALLY hope I can show you my finished jeans in tomorrow’s post! Stay tuned…


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