SSS Day 10

New Self Stitched September readers may not know this, but I’ve been to sew all types of things – quilts, home decor & of course clothing. One of the fabric stores I like to follow is The Quilt Shoppe and their blog In Stitches. Last month I saw that they were doing a blog feature called “Finished Friday”. I was sewing away for September and really wanted to post my Burda dress, but I didn’t quite finish it in time. So this month when I saw the post again I was thrilled to submit my dress! So….

and you can click the picture above to check out the rest of the gorgeous finished items! Thanks to The Quilt Shoppe for posting my entry!!

Now on to yesterday’s SSS outfit! It was casual day again. Seeing as I’m still working on my jeans, I of course could not wear them so I wore my trusty stretch denim shorts (McCall’s 3132), my yellow Sadie, and a black knit cardigan from Simplicity 2560 (click on the links to see each individual item in detail).

SSS Day 10

Standing by my first not-just-squares quilt in our entryway

I’m glad to say I got my Anita Jeans pattern altered and mostly cut out yesterday on my lunch hour. Here’s how it’s shaping up (note: all the white “lines” are the widths and lengths I’ve pinned out to make the pattern fit better):


If the real jeans fit as well as the pattern did, I’ll be super happy. I will get to work on them this weekend, but I do have to finish a sleeping bag repair for my co-worker (I’ve had it FOREVER and she’s starting to ask about it! lol), so hopefully it’s a quick fix and I can get back to jean making pronto! Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow!


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