SSS Day 7

1 week down, 3 more to go (roughly)! Yesterday I was extra self-stitched. I’ve REALLY needed to get back to the gym, what with all this sewing going on, my mind has been elsewhere. So I got up EARLY and wore my favorite self-stitched running top in hot pink and black. I got the fuchsia from It is a technical fabric (moisture-wicking) that is wonderfully lightweight and perfect for running. I made it based on a tank I already had, long and loose. I’ll spare you the picture of me at 4:30 am when I woke up (because, ahem, it’s too early to be taking anyone’s picture!), or of me after running, because that’s just downright scary, and show you the lovely tank on the dress form:

Running Tank

Running Tank!

I had decided the night before that I definitely needed to wear my pants again based on the fact that my son was scheduled to get his hair cut and anyone who has dealt with a 2 ½ year old boy knows why…it was destined to be a wrestling match. So here I am in my Alice & Olivia Pants again (I’m wondering…is the fit too loose or is that just the nature of the fabric?), braided neckline tank and sweater shrug (self-drafted):

SSS Day 7

And my son’s new haircut!

Watching a "moomie"

During yesterday’s lunch I got my jeans pattern taped together. Tomorrow I hope to transfer it to pattern grid and start some fitting a la Pants Fit for Real People (PFfRP). I originally thought I may be able to use my Alice & Olivia pants pattern for jeans, but I’m thinking after making two, I’d really like a real jean pattern. Since I’ve worked with the PFfRP method once before, I’m confident I can get a good result with a new pattern. I’d be beyond thrilled if I could get them cut out and sewn up this weekend…again, big plans for questionable amount of time!

LASTLY…for those of you interested/participating in the Gertie Lady Grey sew-a-long, Gertie posted an update for us yesterday – Time to gather supplies to start working on our muslin! Be sure to check it out. She also started a Gertie’s sew-a-long flickr group and asked us to introduce ourselves by posting the fabrics we plan to work with. Here’s what I posted:
GertieIn some ways I wish I could have found something more exciting, but going this route will make the coat much more classic, I think, and let the style be the exciting part of it…at least that’s what I’m telling myself right now. Are any of you doing this sew-a-long? I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “SSS Day 7

  1. That is a great running tank. I seriously need some fitted tops for yoga as my bra was on display yesterday during downward facing dog. So many projects…

    Your son looks great-he survived the haircut monster!

  2. Love your fabric choices for the sew-along! The pinky-peach lining is awesome and so pretty.
    I think you chose well – it’s better to have a classic coat first. Save the exciting colours or prints for round two!

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