SSS Day 6

Well, yesterday was Labor Day and it was quite a day! We spent the first part of the morning in the garden. The spring vegetable plants were done with whatever they had given us and were starting to die so it was time to clear out the garden. I was wearing my half Self-Stitched jammies, but they are not very exciting. What was exciting were these critters:

Jumpy thingie

& really crazy looking caterpillar thingie

I could only deal with so many creepy crawlies, so I came back inside to get ready for the day. Hubby had a big job to do for the early afternoon, so my son and I got ready to go to the store. I chose my Spring (Non) Ruffled Top and, of course, my one and only pair of (get used to seeing them) denim shorts. You may remember what a process the Spring (Non) Ruffled Top was, but if not, see my posting on BurdaStyle here.

It's hot today...notice my "glow" :/

Before hubby ran off to an evening meeting, we ran to Kohl’s with coupons! Later in the evening my friend came over with her two girls. We ate some chicken wraps and played. All in all, a great day!

I was also able to finish my brown capris during nap time!  That means I will be able to move on to my jeans this week. Can’t wait to give them a try! Stay tuned & see you tomorrow!

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