SSS Day 5

So Yesterday was our first day teaching 2 year old Sunday School at church. We have done it in the past, but it’s been two years or so. We had 8 boys so it was very….er….uh….energetic. Haha. But thankfully everyone did really well so we feel confident about going back next week. Since I was working with the kiddos, I decided on my yellow print Sadie dress – gathered and soft and stretchy. I also wore my Denim button-up puff-sleeve shirt.
Sadie Dress & Denim Top

Sadie Dress, Denim Top, Dorky Pose

Sadie Dress & Denim Top

Ok, seriously now

During nap time, I got significant work done on my brown  Alice & Olivia capri pants. Monday I just need to add carriers, the waistband and hem them up! So hopefully I’ll have a new pair of pants to wear next week, which will be fabulous! How is your weekend going? Are you BBQing today?


2 thoughts on “SSS Day 5

  1. Absolutely adorable and cheerful. That is the perfect dress and top for teaching energetic 2 yo. yikes! I cannot believe you are doing this-well, someone has to volunteer, right?

    Our weekend was wonderful as my blog describes. Monday nights I meet with a woman who I am helping in recovery so I had pie and ice cream with her, then a meeting. I did wear a self stitched black jersey cardi.

  2. Oh my gosh, EIGHT two year old boys! Mr Sewaholic’s nephew is two, and one is plenty to handle, you must have infinite patience if you can take on eight of them 🙂 And you looked cute doing it, too!

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