SSS Day 4

Yesterday I got the biggest compliment. My son goes to preschool on the same campus where I work so his teachers were all aware of my participation in SSS. Yesterday I wore my denim shorts and Simplicity top and when I walked in to pick him up, one of the teachers said, “I thought this was Self Stitched September!” “It is!” I said with a smile. She looked at me confused. I said, “I made all of this.” “Even the shorts!?” “yep” So as dorky as jean shorts have the potential to be, mine passed off, at least to one person, as Ready To Wear! They may not be fashion forward, but at least they didn’t look “home sewn.” So fun!

Today is very exciting for many reasons. One of my husband’s good friends is getting married and we’ve been invited! Of course, knowing ahead of time that the wedding was in September, I had to find a really great dress to make! In the past, my clothing has been so practical that when it came to special moments like this, I was really grasping at straws to find something dressier and more appropriate for the occasion. So I chose Burda 7829.

SSS Day 4 Outfits

Wearing shorts from Yesterday and refashioned retreat shirt, pointing to dress for tonight

The picture of the dress on the pattern is a red & green floral on white and I really wanted something similar. I looked online for something but couldn’t find it. Then, in doing some SSS planning and list-making and searching through my stash, I found 3 yards of the fabric I ended up using sitting right there in my closet! I was so thrilled because, although it wasn’t identical, it was very close and would satisfy my vision (or the pattern company’s vision that had become mine). As I blogged here (toward the bottom), the dress was almost perfect right out of the shoot with only minor side seam alterations so that made it extra sweet. I was nervous about what the weather would be like in September, but today is a perfect day for this dress – an outside wedding with a high today at possibly over 100 degrees! I will have to show you pictures of me in the dress in tomorrow’s post as there won’t be time before we go for a “photo shoot.”  It will be fun to see some old friends and wear a well fitted, fun and occasion-appropriate while doing it! Blessings on the Rowes as they start their new journey!!

Tomorrow & Monday I hope to get my brown capris done to free me up for some jeans pattern work for next week. I don’t know if I can make it the whole month without jeans so this has become a top priority. We’ll see how it goes!…


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