Pants – EEK!!

Well, I fell in love with the Alice & Olivia pants pattern (Vogue 2907), but as it turns out, these are going to take some work to get just right. I made a muslin of the pattern with no alterations – just to see what I had to work with. The waistline was perfect in the back but way too high in the front. I pinned some fabric out of the front to adjust where the waistline hit, then pinned some out below to try to take care of some other wrinkles. I decided the shape of the leg was too, shall-i-say, sexy for a pair of work pants so I straightened the leg and then added to the crotch length in the back. I’ll include a gallery of pictures of the alterations I did below. Whereas most of the problems were solved, there is an unintended consequence I’m not sure what to do with.

As soon as I realized what a challenge these were beginning to be, I ordered the book Pants For Real People.

I’m hoping it comes quickly (it was not available at the local library) so I can start from the first muslin and maybe get it right!!! The range of delivery dates is August 19 – September 3rd! That means I may have to start Self Stitched September with NO PANTS! So I’m going to take a look at some ready made-pants in my sewing closet to see if I could quickly alter them, as anything I’ve stitched on can technically qualify for Self Stitched September, depending on how literal you want to be. When I get the pattern right, I plan to make 2 pairs of pants and then I’ll probably use that pattern for my jeans too, since I’m planning on them being perfect (eventually) and a lot of work. The style could definitely work for jeans with a patch pocket on the back and belt carriers – voila!

Today I almost finished my denim button up shirt

Just needs buttons & buttonholes!

and so now, while I wait for my book, I’ll be reorganizing my sewing list to make good use of my waiting time…I’ll let you know what I come up with!

One thought on “Pants – EEK!!

  1. Ooh.. I want that book! I’m on a book spree these days. Let us know if you’d recommend it, once you have a read-through!
    Good luck, pants are the hardest thing to fit, ever! (Not to scare you! More to say, good for you for jumping into pants fitting and eventually, pants mastery!)

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