1 Month Stretch …

Well…I’m feeling a little bit of a fizzle. I started my commitment to Self Stitched September with excitement and anticipation and a big stack of fabric. I had a plan and a checklist, separated by type of garment. I’ve knocked several items off that list and added some to it but I’m getting weary.

I recently read this post on Collette Patterns’ Blog about Ten Ways to Ruin Your Sewing and I have to say I’ve done every one of them.  But after reading number one, “Stupid self-imposed deadlines” I wonder if this is one of those situations. I mean,  I generally work well under pressure, and I’m not saying I plan to quit. I just might start going about this differently.

Previous to this moment, I was forcing myself to finish projects that were 1) necessities, even though there were more fun things to sew & 2) already cut, even though there were more fun things to sew. I think I’m suffering from a variation of the first of Ten Ways to Ruin My Sewing

Stupid Self-Imposed Rules

Also, I think that now that we’re a month away, there are some articles of clothing I feel are more important to others. So, from now on…I will only sew what I want to work on. I mean, this whole project is one I wanted to work on, but now I’ll work to apply that rule to the components…It won’t be hard. I definitely want to finish the Burda Dress, and I’ll probably sew up a pleated skirt I already cut, just because it’s quick and will be a cute addition to my wardrobe. But I think I’ll skip the heathered brown skirt for now and possibly a black knit camisole (a necessity that I’ll just wear a ready-made if I don’t get it done, though there is minimal work left on it) and move forward to my Alice & Olivia pants and the Jeans – who can live without jeans? Then if there’s time for anything else, I’ll see what I feel like working on… Should make for an interesting September!

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