I had a really productive weekend for Self Stitched September – made some shorts AND a top! HOWEVER…look at the project picture of the Spring Ruffle Top here:

Sew Mama Sew tutorial: Spring Ruffle Top

And see my Spring (non) Ruffle Top below:

Now, it looks okay enough, sorta from the front, but the problem comes when you see the side view…
WHOA! Hello Tent! I told my husband, well, I can be pregnant in this shirt…but the problem is – I’M NOT NOW…and a usual rule of thumb is that people who are not pregnant, don’t want to appear to be so.
Now, I LOVE this fabric. I was SO excited to wear it and so the only solution is…I need to find a way to make this less tent-like. Both the front and the back have this 2″ pleating at the top:

So, would you

A) Sew the pleating all the way down the back to try to take up some of the excess?

B) Take it a part completely and re-cut a less voluminous back piece?

I tried on a belt I had in my closet and that won’t work.

I’m open to any ideas to save this shirt! I’m okay with it being loose – that’s the intended style, but as it stands, it’s too much.


3 thoughts on “HELP!!

  1. My first instinct would be to add a thick leather belt. After that, I would sew two pleats all the way down the back to bring it in.

    Love the top but oh, I understand that issue. Sometimes they are fine if they are paired with fitted pants, just not lose pants.

    Lookin cute…you are so motivated!

  2. If it was me, here’s what I’d do:
    1. Tuck it into a high-waisted skirt. That way the volume is over the bust (where I need it!) and the waist and hips are in proportion. This could work with a pencil skirt or with a full skirt, whatever you prefer.
    2. Belt it! If you don’t like the look of a belt at your natural waist, perhaps a belt slightly higher up might work – like an empire silhouette?
    3. Wear it as is, over slim pants or shorts. And rock some awesome heels so that it’s all about the legs.
    4. Make a self-belt out of the strap fabric – that way it looks more intentional?
    5. Not sure if this would work for you, but I fixed a tent-like top by adding elastic around the waist for a peplum sihouette. Check it out here (Day 19)

    Good luck! It’s super cute – just ignore anyone ‘bold’ enough to ask if you’re pregnant!

  3. You could sew the pleats down past the bust line almost to the waist..front and back and I think that would corral a lot of that fullness and still keep the design line…just a thought…

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