Self Stitched September

I, Jaime, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear mostly handmade and refashioned item(s) of clothing (at minimum the main articles of clothing) every day for the duration of September 2010.

Ok, there, I’ve committed! lol. As many of you know, I’ve stopped taking on custom work and alterations and taking some time to sew for myself – something I haven’t done in a very long time! SSS is just what I need because, as you may also know, I seem to always get myself into something. I have a love-hate relationship with deadlines and too much to do!

SO…I’ve scoured my closet and flipped through my patterns and made the list of items to make. I’ve even stacked the projects on my sewing table by garment type and made a checklist, in typical fashion. 🙂 My goal is to not add to my already-in-place designated sewing times (on lunch at work and during nap time on the weekend) so that it doesn’t interfere with my family – If I can’t get it done, it’s not the end of the world, but I’d really like for it to work so I’m gonna give it the old college try.

The nice thing is, I found some things in my closet that are already made by me that I haven’t worn, like this little number below I made 2 years ago, right after my son was born. I’ve ordered some fold-over elastic and just need to find some knit to make a tank for underneath! 🙂

Some interesting things are happening this September so I’m really looking forward to sewing for all types of occasions. One of my husband’s friends is getting married so of course I’ll need a cute little dress. We’ll be going camping on a lake for a few days, so I’ll get to wear my already made swimsuits and plan to make a cover up. And then there’s just the everyday work attire and weekend comfortables. I’m actually looking forward to wearing some dresses and skirts again. I typically don’t buy them because I’m always buying the basics like slacks and sweaters and they don’t always fit right.

One confession, as you saw the stacks on my table, I won’t have to buy much extra fabric to get everything made! In true sewers fashion, I have a closet full of fabrics to choose from.

So, please join us for Self Stitched September!! All you have to do is go to So Zo’s blog and make your declaration! And leave a comment if you plan to do it – I’d love to follow your adventures as I’m experiencing mine!!


4 thoughts on “Self Stitched September

  1. No tank top required, be daring, (LOL)! I have been tossing around the idea of SSS, but my problem is I haven’t sewn for myself since high school. I need to freshen up my skills a bit before going public, Like July 31st…. I’m going to try to make it. Looking forward to seeing all the fab stuff you make for yourself.

  2. I just saw your great flared demin skirt on BurdaStyle, and when I looked up the pattern (simplicity 5941), I realized that I own that pattern and have been wanting to make that skirt (the whole ensemble, really) forever!

    Then I saw this post and I recognized two of the pattern as ones I’ve picked to do for the Summer Essentials Sew-along. The Simplicity 4703 skirt has been on my inspiration board for years, and the cardigan 2560 just looked fun… and it seems you were my inspiration there!

    Thanks for posting you projects!

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