A List For This and a List For That

Though this has been an idea in my head since I started nearing the end of my “Must-do” sewing list, a recent blog I found reinforced the thought that I should write-up a sewing to-do list or top 10 projects for this new phase in my sewing. I know that in most other aspects of life if you do not have a plan, things don’t go well. However, the benefits of a list are many (if you are a list person). For example, typing out my “Must-Do” list made it oh-so-satisfying to cross things off of it, not to mention, I can look back and be encouraged by the amount of things I have accomplished in the first half of the year! Also, while I’m looking forward to this time of want-to-do’s instead of must-do’s, I still want to know in which order I will do them or at minimum, place in priority the one’s I really want to get done with the next half of the year. So here goes…

  • Black knit cardigan (Simplicity 2560 view A, but with a straight front, like view B & D)
  • Summer Lounge Shorts (To be made from a pair of loungy pants I really love)
  • Collette Bloomers
  • Yellow/Grey Ensemble (Details in this previous post)
  • Jeans? (I’m thinking the Anita from burdastyle)
  • Missions Auction Quilt (A Triple Irish Chain I have tried to finish for 4 years now…)
  • Skirts (I don’t have ANY!)
  • Jacket (A few patterns in mind, but most recently saw this and LOVE it)
  • Maison De Noel Christmas Quilt (A kit I bought YEARS ago by 3 Sisters/Moda)
  • Summer Wind Quilt (Also bought years ago – instructions are really confusing and I’ll need a friend to help me)

Ok, ½ a year might be ambitious, but you never know when you have a plan, right?

There are also some kits and fabrics I have on hand that I bought for myself, but no longer HAVE-TO-HAVE so I think I might make them up to sell…

  • Dad & Me Quilt
  • Tulip Wall Quilt
  • Batik Friendship star Quilt (Ok, might not be able to let that one go)
  • New York Retro Quilt
  • Wedding Dress Quilt (so cute!)
  • Star Wars pillowcases (might end up as gifts)
  • And some cowboy fabrics I’m not sure to do what with yet.

Just two more projects (listed on the right sidebar) and I can get to work on these! Gosh…I wish I had something to do. HA! 🙂

3 thoughts on “A List For This and a List For That

  1. It’s nice to have a list, even if you don’t always follow it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving the nice comments. Good luck checking off all the items on your Must-Do list!

  2. I would love to see the New York Retro Kit and the Star Wars pillow cases. My guys would LOVE those! You should sell your extra things on ETSY.

    OK, about the list…doesn’t work for me because I only do 1 or 2 things and then make a new list! LOL! I’ll have to work harder on that!

    Love the list on the sidebar…I think I will add one to my blog! You always have great ideas!

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